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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan

In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner.

Money Management Action Plan
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Virtual collaboration technologies for better employee management  

Virtual collaboration technologies for better employee management


Modern virtual collaboration technologies make it feasible for companies to rapidly bring together dispersed employees into virtual teams that perform a variety of tasks and jobs. Such technologies help build better employee management and control. For example, managers and team leaders can use virtual collaboration instant messaging to communicate with virtual workers and easily exchange information. Employees can collaborate with each other, share their tasks, send feedback to senior management and participate in collaborative projects. A properly chosen virtual collaboration methodology will let management teams to set up supervision and control over employee tasks and also quickly respond to issues.

Virtual collaboration technologies are based on Internet connection. For example, users of VIP Task Manager software can log in a centralized database over Internet to view shared and individual tasks in real-time mode. This software is a client-server solution that provides users with instant access to centralized resources located on local or remote servers. VIP Task Manager offers task management and project planning tools for group collaboration and employee control.

Action Plan:

  1. Install the server portion of VIP Task Manager on your local or web server.
  2. Install the client portion of the software on user computers.
  3. Create a new database on your server.
  4. Users can access this database over LAN or Internet.
  5. Use Permissions panel to share tasks and projects. You can set up permissions to allow/deny users to view/edit/delete/create tasks and groups in the database.
  6. Use Comments panel as a virtual collaboration message board that lets exchange short messages between users.
  7. For better virtual collaboration statistics, use History panel that records all changes made to a task.
  8. Use Internet to read virtual collaboration articles and find out more on how to establish user collaboration for better 

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