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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan

In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner.

Money Management Action Plan
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Business Management Action Plans  

Business Management Action Plans


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Business Acquisition Action Plan

This Business Acquisition Action Plan is a document designed to help you in carrying out the body of acquiring process, items for due diligence, and composing special agreement. This Action Plan contains some tips and items in the following sections:

  • Business Acquisition Process;
  • Basics:
    • Costs, Tangible Assets, and Plant Facilities;
    • Financing, Intangible Assets, and Liabilities;
    • Personnel;
    • Elements of Business Acquisition Agreement;

Business Analysis Action Plan

This Business Analysis Action Plan can be helpful to any business owner who wishes to make sure that he or she possesses a really strong and robust organization. With a help of this action plan you can examine the following areas:

  • Potential of your business team;
  • Products and services;
  • Target market, sales and audience;
  • Financial performance;


Business Audit Action Plan

This Business Audit Action Plan explores tasks and steps to conduct the audit of an organization’s business activities. It helps analyze managerial problems, financial matters and operational environment. The action plan focuses on the following topics:

  • Management
  • Finance
  • Operations

Business Compliance Action Plan

Business Compliance Action Plan is designed to help business owners in their effort to ensure that their enterprises are suitable to legal requirements on the following matters:

  • Regulatory and Owner Compliance Activities;
  • Employment Compliance;
  • Occupational Health & Safety (OHC) Compliance;

Business Consulting Action Plan

This Business Consulting Action Plan is helpful for advisors and consultants that want to understand how to analyze business problems, identify opportunities, and develop improvement plans. It consists of the following steps:

  • Learning About the Business
  • Determining Problems
  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Analysis
  • Solutions
  • Receiving Feedback and Adjusting Plan

Business Continuity Plan Action Plan

The following Business Continuity Plan Action Plan describes key tasks that you can do to keep your organization operating in the marketplace. All tasks of the action plan are divided into the following categories:

  • Business Policy
  • Governance
  • Impact Analysis
  • Business Continuity Planning


Business Contract Action Plan

This Business Contract Action Plan is created to help you in signing your business contracts effectively. This action plan lists items and topics to be enlightened in a typical business contract, including:

  • Description of entities signing the document;
  • Description of products or services embraced by the contract;
  • Description of payments to be made;
  • And much more…


Business Development Action Plan

In this Business Development Action Plan you can read six steps to growing and developing a business. The Action Plan regards such aspects as Business Opportunities, Sales Leads, Product Opportunities etc. It consists of these categories:

  • Identify New Opportunities.
  • Generate More Sales Leads.
  • Reclaim Lapsed Customers.
  • Identify New Product/Service Opportunities.
  • Establishing Additional Selling Channels.
  • Expand Geo-Market Reach.

Business Disaster Preparedness Action Plan

This Business Disaster Preparedness Action Plan will be helpful to all business owners who wish to learn some suggestions and ideas on how to maximize their chances for recovery since a disaster strikes. It includes:

  • Designate Vulnerabilities and Threats
  • Business Disaster Planning
  • Business Disaster Recovery

Business Ethics Action Plan

This Business Ethics Action Plan provides tips and suggestions on how to develop ethics policy that coordinates and regulates relationships between a company and its workers, suppliers, customers, management, competitors and other parties involved in business activities. It consists of the following topics:

  • Key Ethical Principles
  • Standards of Business Practice
  • Approach to Corporate Governance
  • Commitments to Employees
  • Employees’ Commitments to Organization

Business Event Action Plan

This Business Event Action Plan includes tips and suggestions on planning business events. For example, it describes what aspects to consider when choosing event objectives, time, location, and participants. The action plan consists of the following categories:

  • Set Event Objectives.
  • Establish Event Budget.
  • Choose Event Time.
  • Choose Event Location
  • Plan for Event Participants.

Business Expansion Plan Action Plan

As a business owner and a good professional, you need to precisely understand what a business expansion Plan sample means and how to generate new business expansion ideas and measure business expansion risks in order to optimize use of business expansion costs and resources. Read the given below business Action Plan to learn more about business expansion.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Signs that indicate the need for business expansion.
  • Business expansion strategy components.

Business Expense Action Plan

This Business Expense Action Plan outlines the key categories of expenses that a typical small-sized company has to cover. It also gives tips and suggestions for reducing expenses. The action plan includes the following categories:

  • Inventory
  • Personnel
  • Suppliers
  • Equipment
  • Energy
  • Space
  • Trips and Travels

Business Growth Plan Action Plan

If you want your business to be growing and flourishing, you need to develop and implement a business growth Plan. This Action Plan for businessgrowth may include business growth formulas and business growth stages that help you clearly set objectives and ways to put business growth theory into practice. The business growth Action Plan offers you business growth tips to advance your business.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Considering growth opportunities
  • Managing finances and finding capital during growth
  • Increasing your market share to accelerate business growth cycle

Business Insurance Action Plan

When launching or running a small business you should take care of insurance. You need to know what to cover and how to do it. The insurance industry provides programmes for losses reducing, injuries preventing and lives saving in order to hold down the costs of your business. The Business Insurance Action Plan helps you select a proper insurance company or agency and find out what actual events and items due to be covered for successful business.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Choosing insurance company
  • Grouping business needs to be insured
  • Defining objects to be insured
  • Defining events to be insured

Business Integration Action Plan

This Business Integration Action Plan is an all-round guide on what needs to be executed in terms of business assets integration throughout a business merger process. With a help of this action plan you can run through the following areas:

  • Strategy;
  • Management;
  • Assets;
  • Staff;
  • And much more…

Business Intelligence Action Plan

Business intelligence resources play a significant role in developing and maintaining competitiveness of a commercial organization. The following Business Intelligence Action Plan explains how to develop such resources. It includes these categories:

  • Business Intelligence Components.
  • BI Advantages.
  • BI through Talent Management.
  • BI through Information Management.
  • BI Programme Development.

Business Loan Action Plan

This Business Loan Action Plan can help business managers who need to get loans from lenders. With a help of this action plan you will know the following items:

  • What information financiers need to know about you;
  • What kinds of documents they need;
  • What your Business Plan needs to include;

Business Inventory Action Plan

A comprehensive business inventory allows your commercial organization to list and document all items available inside and outside of your business premises. Read the following Business Inventory Action Plan to learn how to design such a document. The action plan includes two categories such as:

  • Creating a Business Inventory in 7 Steps
  • Storing the Document

Business Moving Action Plan

It is important to develop a business moving plan if you decide to relocate your business company. Besides reading business moving tips and suggestions that you can find in Internet, you can use this Business Moving Action Plan that helps schedule your business relocation process, set up budget and build a moving team. The action plan consists of the following categories:

  • Develop a Business Moving Plan.
  • Plan for Communications.
  • Build a Moving Team.

Business Negotiations Action Plan

Negotiations are one of main business challenges for any manager. A company should have people who are able to hold effective negotiations weather on making a contract with new supplier or hiring a new employee.

The Action Plan to improve communication and negotiation consists of the following categories:

  • Preparing your side
  • Analyzing the opponent side
  • Making decision

Business Operations Action Plan

This Business Operations Action Plan is composed for all those who want to establish their own business and therefore need to study a wide spectrum of activities which are usually included into running enterprise. With a help of this action plan you will know what is included into:

  • Business Establishment;
  • Generation of Income;
  • Increasing the Business Value;
  • Securing the Business Income and Value;

Business Process Facilitation Action Plan

When a business process comes upon issues that need to be resolved immediately, facilitation appears to be an effective way to analyze the process, understand its problems, and identify improvement opportunities. In this Business Process Facilitation you can find out how to manage the facilitation activity. The action plan consists of the following categories:

  • Set the Context for Process Facilitation
  • Capture the Process
  • Identify Facilitation Opportunities
  • Overlay People and Technology
  • Establish Facilitation Measures

Business Process Harmonization Action Plan

Harmonizing a business process means trying to coordinate and align this process with other processes in the same environment in order to eliminate any process differences and inconsistencies. In this Business Process Harmonization Action Plan you can read about basic steps of the harmonization activity. The action plan includes these categories:

  • Goals
  • Benefits
  • Steps

Business Process Lifecycle Action Plan

Every business process steps through a series of stages that define its lifecycle. The following Business Process Lifecycle Action Plan explains five steps of a generic process lifecycle in business environments. It includes the following categories:

  • Initial Definition
  • Planning
  • Process Metrics
  • Pilot Test
  • Execution
  • Evaluation

Business Process Procedure Action Plan

A conventional business process consists of a series of procedures that identify the process lifecycle and determine what final outcome to produce upon successful process completion. This Business Process Procedure Action Plan explains the following procedures and tasks of conventional business process:

  • Planning Procedure
  • Design Procedure
  • Implementation Procedure
  • Maintenance Procedure

Business Process Scenario Action Plan

Success of business process scenarios depends on a series of factors which are costs, decisions, human resources, objectives, others. This Business Process Scenario Action Plan explains all the factors which are as follows:

  • Business and Technical Environment of the Scenario
  • Process Scenario Objectives
  • Human Resources Involved in the Scenario
  • Decision Making and Control
  • Scenario Costs

Business Plan Action Plan

The following Business Plan Action Plan can be used by business owners and executives as helpful guidelines for developing the key sections of a business plan. It includes the following categories:

  • Write the Executive Summary
  • Conduct Market Analysis
  • Define Customers
  • Investigate Competition
  • Write about Intellectual Property
  • State Financial Projections

Business Process Reengineering Action Plan

This Business Process Reengineering Action Plan is designed as a simple to-do list to plan for redesign and improvement of existing business processes of a company. The action plan includes such categories as:

  • Make Business Vision.
  • Model Existing Processes.
  • Redesign Processes.
  • Establish IT Support.
  • Plan for Implementation.

Business Process Architecture Action Plan

Read this Business Process Architecture Action Plan to find out what key aspects a company’s business environment should be taken into account when developing architecture for business processes. The action plan includes the following categories:

  •         Activity Alignment
  •         HR Organization
  •         IT Alignment

Business Process Description Action Plan

The following Business Process Description Action Plan explains what aspects to consider when planning for business processes. It helps you to describe any business processes by these parameters:

  • Triggers
  • Resources
  • Primary Products
  • Workflow
  • Evaluation Criteria

Business Process Creation Action Plan

Any business process requires detailed elaboration and design. Creating a business process means identifying the need for this process, gathering process data, developing a map, and running pilot test. All these steps are described in this Business Process Creation Action Plan, which consists of the following categories:

  • Four Generic Steps
  • Step #1. Process Identification
  • Step #2. Information Gathering
  • Step #3. Process Mapping
  • Step #4. Analysis

Business Process Decomposition Action Plan

Decomposing a business process means dividing it into a set of interrelated activities and tasks and identifying all mechanisms that establish and support the process and its performance. In this Business Process Decomposition Action Plan we tried to describe how to decompose business processes in three general steps, such as:

  • Defining
  • Mapping
  • Charting

Business Property Action Plan

This Business Property Action Plan is designed to help you manage your commercial real estate. It lists a range of suggestions and tips regarding the following activities with your business property:

  • Buying
  • Maintaining
  • Leasing
  • Selling

Business Registration Action Plan

This Business Registration Action Plan will be useful to anyone who has come to decision to start up his own enterprise. With a help of this action plan you will know a typical procedure, including:

  • Defining type and size of business;
  • Complying with local laws;
  • Elaborating business name and other details;
  • And much more… 

Business Preparedness Action Plan

If you’re going to prepare your business for launch, you need to remember that there’re some requirements that you must meet. In this Business Preparedness Action Plan the following requirements are explained:

  • Business Strategy & Vision
  • Products & Services
  • Staffing & Hiring
  • Training & Development
  • Work Process & Procedures

Business Presentation Action Plan

Business Presentation Action Plan is a 'to do list' for you to demonstrate most of your presentation skills. Use this business presentation Action Plan as an Action Plan to impress your audience.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Support
  • Stage
  • Follow-up
  • Deliver

Business Relocation Action Plan

This Business Relocation Action Plan is created to manage your efforts at completing this intricate effort which may require addressing heaps of different issues and problems. With a help of this action plan you can learn tips on the following:

  • Inspecting new business location;
  • Tasks to complete prior to relocation;
  • After the business relocation;

Business Requirements Action Plan

The Business Requirements Action Plan can be used by business planners and project managers to collect, categorize and document requirements necessary for developing the product/service/solution and delivering it to the end-user. It includes such categories as:

  • Business Requirements Gathering Methods.
  • Business Requirements Categories.
  • 10 Steps for Creating a Business Requirements Document.

Business Resumption Action Plan

This Business Resumption Action Plan is designed to help business owners and managers who are going to restart their business activity after an emergency break. In this action plan you will find tips on the following:

  • Business Location Safety Check;
  • Resumption of the Business Processes;

Business Risk Assessment Action Plan

This Business Risk Assessment Action Plan is designed to help you in identifying and rating your risks, and therefore mitigating them. With a help of this action plan you can learn tips on the following:

  • Preparation;
  • Process;

Business Readiness Action Plan

This Business Readiness Action Plan is designed to help the business owners in defining how well their organizations are prepared to enter the market. This action plan is an all-round guide on things to be checked prior to launching the business activity, and it contains the following sections:

  1. Business Location Readiness;
  2. Readiness of Business Equipment and Office Supplies;
  3. Readiness of Recordkeeping and Legal Matters;
  4. Readiness of Personnel;
  5. Readiness of Regulations and Procedures;

Business Security Action Plan

This Business Security Action Plan is created to help you in maintaining a good security level at your enterprise, because this action plan contains the following sections:

  • Security of your Business site;
  • Security of your Business processes;
  • Security of your Business information;

Business Skills Action Plan

Read this Business Skills Action Plan to learn what skills and talents you must have to efficiently organize and manage your small business. The following categories are included in the action plan:

  • Business Skills List
  • Development Tips

Business Startup Action Plan

It's not an easy thing to develop and follow your business startup Plan. To make such a Plan, you need to gain an understanding of legal structures, business registration requirements, business startup services, licensing procedures etc. To learn about various legal structures (forms), registration of business names, obtaining business licenses, and getting business startup support information, please read The Business Startup Action Plan.

The organizational Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Decide on a legal form (structure) of your future business.
  • Registration of business startup information: two steps.
  • Legal Requirements: Obtaining business license to operate.

Business Strengths and Weaknesses Action Plan

This Business Strengths and Weaknesses Action Plan is created to direct enterprise mangers that need to perform an analysis of business activities of their companies to define some possible faulty and advantageous points. With a help of this action plan you study the following:

  1. 1. Aspects to Analyze;
  2. 2. Method to define Business Strengths and Weaknesses;
  3. 3. Possible Business Strengths;
  4. 4. Possible Business Weaknesses;

Business Succession Planning Action Plan

This Succession Planning Action Plan is designed to help Planners, business owners, managers and executives to develop and manage a program for improving employee skills and performance. The Action Plan includes a series of succession Planning tips organized into the following categories:

  • Set Expectations
  • Make Competency Models
  • Conduct Assessment
  • Measure Performance
  • Assess Potential for Success
  • Plan Individual Development
  • Implement Individual Development Plans
  • Make a Talent Inventory
  • Establish Accountability
  • Evaluate Results

Business Takeover Action Plan

If you want to know how to acquire and integrate a business, then this Business Takeover Action Plan will be helpful for you. It will guide you through the takeover process that is supposed to be carried out in 10 common steps, such as:

  • Investigate the Target Company
  • Initiate the Takeover Process
  • Conclude the Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Estimate the Takeover Price
  • Make a Letter of Intent
  • Due Diligence
  • Carry out Further Negotiations
  • Make a Purchase Agreement
  • Anti-Trust Notification
  • Integrate the Companies

Business Telephone Conversations Action Plan

This Action Plan is elaborated for assessment of existing and establishment of the proper attitudes to business telephone calls within enterprise. The following suggestions are based on generally accepted business and interpersonal ethics. Observance of these suggestions will make your clients feel comfortable and satisfied with communicating your company by phone.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Making Business Telephone Calls
  • Answering the Telephone
  • General recommendations

Business Transition Action Plan

Sometimes business owners have to make a decision on selling or handing over their businesses. In this Business Transition Action Plan we have listed three key steps to planning, implementing and reviewing the process. The action plan includes the following categories:

  • Planning.
  • Implementation.
  • Review.

Business Turnaround Action Plan

Usually the business turnaround process takes a range of steps to return a business to growth and development. In this Business Turnaround Action Plan we suggest 4 steps for implementing the process. Here’re these steps:

  • Investigate the Problem
  • Make a Turnaround Plan
  • Implement the Plan
  • Grow the Business

Business Valuation Action Plan

This Business Valuation Action Plan is created for business owners or buyers who need to assess available business assets prior to making a deal. Using this action plan you study the following:

  • Elements of physical assets and concerned matters;
  • Financial assets;
  • Goodwill assets;
  • Commercial and legal matters;

Buying a Business Action Plan

Buying a business Action Plan includes main questions which should be researched and considered when entrepreneur wants to buy a running business. The information which should be gathered in order to investigate the situation within the enterprise can be obtained by interviewing the seller, personnel and studying business documents. The Action Plan can be easily modified and supplemented according to specific requirements.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Business financial affairs
  • Enterprise /Operational/ Personnel Information

Choosing Business Location Action Plan

Choosing a business location action plan is designed to help you assess and select a proper location of your business. It describes a range of factors to be considered when planning for a new place of your organization

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Location overview
  • On-site overview and logistics
  • Public transport available, roads, railroads
  • Comparison

Choosing Business and Business Partner Action Plan

Before choosing of a business where you can do your best you need to make honest assessment of yourself. Starting or development of business can be easier if you will find appropriate partner. This Action Plan for business development consists of two parts and includes aspects which should be considered when you choosing a business and want to find business partners.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Choosing a business
  • Choosing a partner

Choosing Business Premises Action Plan

Choosing business premises Action Plan is created to consider the important things such as main capabilities of your business premises, easiness of access for customers and employees, available services and facilities etc. This Action Plan is not exhaustive and cannot include all possible options, but it can be taken as basis for further elaboration and can be easily modified to meet your specific requirements.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Space and working environment
  • Easiness of access
  • Services and facilities (consider what is required and what is available)
  • Consider costs

Choosing Business Strategy Action Plan

Business strategy is a long-term Plan that helps follow a business goal Action Plan. Choosing business strategy is an activity which requires preliminary evaluation of current state of your business. Use this choosing business strategy Action Plan to find out weak spots within your enterprise, decide what circumstances hamper your development and choose proper type of business strategy in order to elaborate it in a specific manner.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Preparation for choosing business strategy
  • Choosing appropriate business strategy to improve your business:

Closing a Business Action Plan

Whatever reason you have for deciding to close your business, from an overwhelming amount of debts to deciding to do something else, there're a set of necessary steps that you will need to go through. This Action Plan briefly shows you the steps that let you successfully pass the business closure procedure.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Making an announcement to employees
  • Informing your customers
  • Making an announcement to the media and the government
  • Checking all customer contracts

Facilities Management Action Plan

Facilities Management Action Plan is created to support facility managers in their tasks. In this action plan you can find the following information:

  • Inspections to make sure that the building is ready for the daily activities;
  • Regular activities to make sure the building and equipment stay in working order;
  • Inspecting lighting and electricity systems;
  • And much more…

Green Business Action Plan

This Green Business Action Plan will help you do your business with minimized use of electric power, water, equipment and vehicles. The action plan consists of these categories:

  • Reasons for Going Green
  • Ideas of Energy-Efficient Practices
  • Suggestions regarding Employees and Communities

Monthly Expenses Action Plan

Monthly Expenses Action Plan is created for business owners who wish to make sure that their expenses are paid regularly and completely. In this action plan you can find the following items to be deducted from your budget:

  • Taxes and payroll;
  • Fees, rents and lease;
  • Repairs and utilities;
  • And much more…

Identifying and Establishing Business Values Action Plan

The identifying and establishing business values Action Plan is designed for managers who would like to create new, winning atmosphere in their teams. This Action Plan explains how to identify and establish business values (traits and qualities) in order to develop an advantageous values-based corporate culture.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Identifying governing business values
  • Establishing governing business values

Joint Venture Action Plan

Short-term partnerships in the form of joint venture can involve many types of business. Today many individuals, groups of individuals, companies and corporations are interested in founding a profitable joint venture. This Action Plan will show you what you need to know about joint ventures.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Reasons behind Joint Venture
  • Finding partners
  • What Joint Venture Agreement identifies
  • Considering the main items of Joint Venture Agreement

Lease Action Plan

Choosing the right leasing company and the right leasing transition can save you a lot of time and money. The Leasing Action Plan briefly guides you through the processes of lease Planning, choosing a leasing company and examining leasing options

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Lease Planning
  • Seeking and choosing a leasing company
  • Analyzing lease options

Online Business Action Plan

This Online Business Action Plan is created to help all people who want to start-up their own business on-line (in the Web). With a help of this action plan you can cope with the following:

  • Establishing your web-site;
  • Selecting your domain and hosting;
  • Creating and managing your content;

Negotiation Action Plan

This negotiation Action Plan will be very helpful to anyone who needs to take part in business negations and want to get prepared, learn some negotiation guidelines and study some negotiation techniques. This negotiation Action Plan considers a negotiation process from the different points of view including the following:

  1. Preparatory negotiation Plan;
  2. Negotiation principles and facts;
  3. Negotiation rules;
  4. Negotiation strategies;
  5. Negotiation tactics and techniques;

Renting a Business Location Action Plan

The renting a business location Action Plan consists of items that briefly describe questions to be considered when you want to rent a space for office. It consists of positions which are dedicated for space inspection and the most common issues that need to be considered when negotiating for a lease. This Action Plan cannot cover all possible issues and questions, so you can elaborate and easily modify it according to your specific needs.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Location
  • Lease

Small Business Action Plan

Small Business Action Plan is a 'to do list' for you to start your own small business. Use this Small Business Action Plan to start your own small business to put into practice your most outstanding ideas and make money on them.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Starting Business:
  • Planning Business:
  • Making Business Legal
  • Locating Business
  • Hiring People
  • Managing Business

Starting A Home-Based Business Action Plan

By doing a little Planning in the beginning of your business, you can save time and money as well as avoid a lot of headaches. The Action Plan below shows you how to generate business ideas and Plan your home business successfully.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Reasons for starting your home-based business
  • Advantages of your home-based business
  • Thinking over ideas of your new business
  • Talking with your family

Starting a New Business Action Plan

New business start-up is the process each businessman should go through. The necessary procedures can vary from country to country, from location to location, from business to business. This Action Plan for a new business mainly includes steps that are typical for all locations and countries. It can be easily modified and elaborated according to specific requirements.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Check yourself if you are ready to start
  • What to do first to start a business

Starting an E-Commerce enterprise Action Plan

Starting an E-commerce venture Action Plan consists of things to be considered for successful preparing and launching of internet business. The items of the Action Plan describe the main elements of such venture: design of Web site, software which is required to keep the site working and the ways to attract the clients. This internet business starting Action Plan can be quickly modified and elaborated in details according to specific needs.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Web host and Web page design
  • Web site layout and maintenance
  • Outsource web design or make it yourself
  • Design pictures and descriptions of products or/and services which you provide etc.

Strategic Business Planning Action Plan

Development of a profitable business is an achievable goal but it requires well-considered strategy Planning. The strategic business Planning allows keeping your business stable, managing risks and preventing failure. Use this Action Plan for business Plan to wisely allocate funds and provide stable development.

The Action Plan to achieve goals and business objectives consists of the following categories:

  • Develop and explicate the vision of your business
  • Decision-making
  • Build up broad and strong partnership
  • Provide staff with Action Plan for training and professional development

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