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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan

In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner.

Money Management Action Plan
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Customer Management Action plans  

Customer Management Action plans


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Customer Acceptance Action Plan

This Customer Acceptance Action Plan is a guide through a set of procedures to ensure that project’s product perfectly meets requirements declared by the customers, and therefore that project may finally be closed. Generally this Customer Acceptance Action Plan embraces the following sections:

  • Customer Acceptance (Management) Process;
  • Components of Customer Acceptance Plan;
  • Project Manager’s tasks on Customer Acceptance procedures;

Customer Appreciation Action Plan

This Customer Appreciation Action Plan is about the way you may use to express your gratefulness to your loyal customers, as it is an important element of customer retention and satisfaction policy. You customers are people who invest into your company’s prosperity, helping you to refine your business attitudes and conceptions. This Customer Appreciation Action Plan contains helpful advice and guidance, specifically customer appreciation tips on the following:

  • Customer Appreciation awards (both tangible and intangible);
  • Tasks for the Customer Appreciation campaign;

Customer Care Action Plan

Customer care policy and strategy are very important for a business which tends to earn more competitive advantages. For receptionists, customer care representatives , and other sales staff members in customer-facing roles, customer care should be the core element of their jobs. The given below customer care Action Plan will help manage customer care specialists of your company and earn customer satisfaction.

The customer care Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Understanding your customers
  • Managing your customer care
  • Retaining your customers

Customer Experience Action Plan

Gaining positive customer experience is a challenging task that involves businesses in analyzing behaviors of their clients and improving their service. Read this Customer Experience Action Plan to learn how to solve this task in 4 steps, including:

  • Review Target Audience
  • Improve Customer Relationship Management
  • Provide Incentives to Customers
  • Engage Salespeople

Customer Feedback Action Plan

Customer Feedback Action Plan is created to help business managers in investigating customers’ impressions about quality of service they (customers) received. In this action plan you can find out the following categories to be elaborated into specific questions:

  • Key performance measures of your business service;
  • Perceive quality and usefulness of service;
  • Competence of employees;
  • And much more…

Customer Focus Action Plan

This Customer Focus Action Plan explores 4 steps for managing custom focus in a commercial organization. It will be helpful for specialists from sales departments and customer support teams. The following categories are included in the action plan:

  • Customer Focus: Overview
  • Step #1. The Inputs
  • Step #2. Customer Needs
  • Step #3. Solution
  • Step $4. Competitive Advantages

Customer Information Action Plan

You can use this Customer Information Action Plan in developing a database of your current clients and prospects. The action plan includes a range of tips and suggestions which are organized into the following groups:

  • Contact Names
  • Address
  • Job Titles
  • Psychographic Profile
  • Purchase History
  • Payment History
  • Special Needs
  • Customer Feedback

Customer Loyalty Action Plan

Loyal customers are ready to purchase more and repeatedly. They are the value that allows every business to generate higher revenues from sales. Read this Customer Loyalty Action Plan to find out how to earn loyal customers in 4 basic steps including:

  • Qualify Prospects
  • Win First-time Buyers
  • Gain Repeat Clients
  • Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Customer Orientation Action Plan

Fostering customer-oriented workforce is always vital for developing and flourishing your company. The given below Action Plan explains how to develop a successful customer orientation strategy, involve employees in following it, and measure and improve customer orientation.

The customer orientation Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Developing customer orientation strategy within your company
  • The principles of customer orientation strategy
  • Improving skills of executives and subordinates – organizing customer orientation training

Customer Relationships Action Plan

This Action Plan can be helpful for researching of company's capabilities to establish long-term partnerships with clients. The customer relationships Action Plan consists of things that are very important for company interested in obtainment of regular and stable clients.

The Action Plan to improve relationships with consists of the following categories:

  • Understand customers' business objectives
  • Study business requirements of your clients
  • Try to offer not only specific products etc.

Customer Requirements Action Plan

This customer requirements Action Plan is composed for all professionals who would like to gather, analyze and manage the requirements necessary to produce products matching business needs, vision and wishes of their clients. This customer requirements Action Plan can work for different industries and includes recommendations and tips on the following:

  1. General customer requirements capture;
  2. Customer requirements analysis;
  3. Customer requirements management;

Customer Retention Action Plan

This customer retention Action Plan , intended for company owners and managers, explains essential customer retention ideas along with giving customer retention examples, which can be realized in your company to eliminate customer defections, to increase sales volumes and incomes using hidden potential of your customers through getting their long-term loyalty.

The customer retention Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Establish evaluation of customer defections
  • Range customer defections and define how you will register them
  • On basis of obtained information start making your customer retention Plan

Customer Satisfaction Action Plan

Customer satisfaction Action Plan gives the general tips which explain how the clients should be treated according to international business ethics. Observance of these tips will help you to make good impression on your client and make them feel satisfied after dealing with your company. This Action Plan for customer satisfaction can be used by businessman to assess attitudes to customers within own company. This Action Plan includes a number of the most common tips, but you can easily supplement and modify it.

The customer service Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Make sure that all your employees fully understand that the customer is the number one in the business.
  • NEVER argue with the customers (client is always right).
  • Behave with every visitor like with a potential customer.
  • Try to answer the telephone by the second ring.

Customer Service Action Plan

In order to earn the best customer service experience and meet customer service goals, your company needs to create Customer Service Department, or at least to form Customer Service Team which will treat the company's customers, assign customer service duties, arrange customer service events, and manage activities of customer service representatives. Read the given below customer service Action Plan to know more about all the mentioned.

The customer service Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Assigning staff to customer service responsibilities
  • Earning the best customer service experience

Customer Service Excellence Action Plan

With a help of this Customer Service Excellence Action Plan you will find out some ways on how you may reach a proper level of interacting with your clients. This Action Plan comprises:

  • How to set adequate standards of customer service excellence;
  • How to promote and secure these standards;
  • How to manage Customer Expectations;

Customer Service Training Action Plan

Customer service is always a challenge for a business organization because customers always want to get a better treatment so the organization has to do its best to satisfy customer needs. The following Customer Service Training Action Plan will help your company teach employees to treat customers in a better way. It consists of these categories:

  • Define Success of Your Training Programme.
  • Define Key Principles for the Programme.
  • Communicate the Programme.
  • Provide Tools and Material Necessary for Training.
  • Plan Scenarios for Training Sessions.

Customer Survey Action Plan

The customer survey is the best way to measure customer satisfaction and to understand how the customers recognize your company and its product/service range. The Action Plan for customer service examination allows you to be quickly oriented on what you should do and what objectives are to be set for the survey.

The Action Plan to improve customer service consists of the following categories:

  • What are the survey objectives
  • Determining target groups to be used for survey
  • Selecting prioritized languages to be used for the survey

Customer Visit Action Plan

This customer visit Action Plan is designed for sales persons, helping them to look and behave correctly during visiting their potential customers in order of making good impression, and representing their products/services in the best manner. This customer visit Action Plan contains recommendations on the following:

  • Personal preparative customer visit Plan;
  • Business-related preparative customer visit Plan;
  • Behavior during customer visits;

Account Planning Action Plan

Account planning means a process for creating a plan that identifies sales opportunities and defines a course of action for exploiting these opportunities. The following Account Planning Action Plan explains 4 steps for doing the process. These steps are:

  • Review Account History
  • Explore Current State
  • Look for Opportunities
  • Adjust the Plan

Good Customer Service Action Plan

Customer service is a great way to reach customer satisfaction and attract new clients. This Good Customer Service Action Plan presents a range of tasks your personnel can do to attract new clients and retain existing customers. All tasks are divided into the following categories:

  • Necessary Skills
  • Communications
  • Conflicts
  • Process Flow

Know Your Client Action Plan

Know Your Client training (KYC training) is often required for employees (brokers, financial advisors) working for investment companies and financial institutions. The next Know Your Client Action Plan can be used trainers and mentors as a supplement to their guidelines for training employees. It includes the next categories:

  • Know Your Client: Basic Information.
  • Customer Profiling.
  • Know Your Client Policy (KYC Policy).

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