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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan

In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner.

Money Management Action Plan
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Document Management Action Plans  

Document Management Action Plans


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Document Audit Action Plan

The Document Audit Action Plan shows you a set of tips on managing corporate records, white papers and documents. It’ll be helpful for staff responsible for document audit, control and submission. The Action Plan consists of the next categories:

  • Document Audit Management.
  • Document Content Quality Control.
  • Document Submission Audit.

Document Control Action Plan

This Document Control Action Plan is a checklist of doable recommendations that can lead you to a better manner of handling your corporate documents to reach a set of objectives (listed in this checklist). Basic sections of this Document Control Action Plan refer to:

  • Document Control Objectives;
  • Document Control Requirements;
  • Document Control Techniques;

Document Quality Action Plan

This Document Quality Action Plan helps you in establishing the effective process of examining organization’s documentation for quality by certain criteria such as correctness of appearance and appropriateness of content. This Document Quality Action Plan includes the following:

  • Document Quality Assurance process;
  • Document Quality Assurance Plan;
  • Document Quality Model;
  • Quality Control Procedures;

Document Retention Action Plan

Document Retention Action Plan is designed for business managers who wish to study documents to be retained and common terms of their retention. In this action plan you will find:

  • Records to be kept forever;
  • Records to be kept for prolonged periods of time (6+ years);
  • Records to be kept for middle-term periods (3-5 years);
  • Records to be kept for short-term periods (less than 3 years);

Document Review Action Plan

This document review Action Plan can be helpful to specialists who, by the nature of their work, have to inspect content of certain business documents for technical and informational correctness, readability, credibility and appropriateness. This document review Action Plan lays out a full process-oriented document review description including recommendations and document review tips on the following:

  1. Document review workflow;
  2. Document review cycle;
  3. Document review process for checking technical correctness of document’s body;
  4. Document review techniques for checking correctness of document’s content;
  5. Document review methods;

Document Revision Action Plan

A 3-step approach to document reviewing and checking is described in this Document Revision Action Plan. It is designed for people who need to review documents and check the content for logical mismatches and structural mistakes. The following categories are added to the action plan:

  • Overview
  • 1-st Revision
  • 2-nd Revision
  • 3-rd Revision
  • General Tips

Document Planning Action Plan

Document Planning Action Plan is created for company managers who would like to establish new specific kind of documents for internal company use or just to collect information for ordinary documents. This Action Plan includes points that should be considered in order to Plan document's purposes, content, use and roles.

The Action Plan for managing documents consists of the following categories:

  • Defining document general parameters
  • Defining document roles
  • Define document owner, etc.

Document Proofing Action Plan

This Document Proofing Action Plan specifies a range of tasks that you can do to audit business documents and white papers for appropriateness, usability and readability. All the tasks of the action plan are organized into the following categories:

  • Overview
  • Proofreading
  • Usability Testing
  • Readability Testing
  • Focus Groups

Annual Report Action Plan

An annual report is a necessary document that summarizes accomplishments made and money spent on achieving those accomplishments. The next Annual Report Action Plan will give you an understanding of how to write such a report and what parts it consists of. The Action Plan focuses on the following categories:

  • Annual Report Tips.
  • Annual Report Parts.

Business Letter Action Plan

When you need to compose a business letter to your partner or customer, you need to think it over carefully and remember to follow the rule of four "C". It states that the letter should be: complete, concise, correct and clear. Using the business letter Action Plan you can establish fine business connections with your partners and customers.

The Action Planconsists of the following categories:

  • Creating letter draft
  • Composing letter body
  • Sending letter
  • Answering

Business Proposal Action Plan

The following Business Proposal Action Plan includes a series of basic business proposal tips and describes the typical structure of business proposal. The Action Plan consists of the next categories:

  • Typical Business Proposal Structure
  • Basic Business Proposal Writing Tips

Electronic Records Management Action Plan

This Action Plan is a good guidance to manage electronic documents, records and information that are used in your daily practice. The guidance refers to any items of electronic records flow created in the process of your work.

The Action Planconsists of the following categories:

  • Defining the purpose of the Action Plan
  • Creating records
  • Naming records

Partnership Agreement Action Plan

This partnership agreement Action Plan is designed for business owners, individual entrepreneurs and partnership agreement lawyers who want to conclude such an agreement to establish proper business relationships between partners. This partnership agreement Action Plan contains recommendations on the following aspects of partnership agreement information :

  1. Partnership agreement basics
  2. Clarifying partnership agreement terms : o wnership , duties, authority etc.
  3. Decision-making in partnership
  4. Partnership agreement termination

Report Writing Action Plan

Implementation of various report writing techniques requires you to develop report writing skills that help you Plan reporting activities and develop reports. In this Report Writing Action Plan you will learn some report writing basics and tips to develop main sections of your project reports.

The Action Plan consists of the following topics:

  • Explicitly state aims and objectives of your project.
  • Explicitly state the results produced by your project.
  • Summarize evaluation of your project work.
  • Make an appropriate abstract of your project report.
  • Make appendices, if needed.
  • Consider adding a glossary in your project report.
  • Add references in your project report.

Report Making Action Plan

Well-designed and timely submitted report demonstrates the employee's responsibility perception that positively reflects on his reputation. Reports should be readable, short and comprehensive. The Report making Action Plan is aimed to assist employees to build report simply and rapidly in easy-to-read format. This Action Plan can be applied for creating any type of report as it describes fundamental rules for report building.

The Action Planconsists of the following categories:

  • Planning work for report writing
  • Collecting the information
  • Structuring the report
  • Writing the report

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