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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan

In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner.

Money Management Action Plan
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Employee Management Action Plans  

Employee Management Action Plans


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Employee Activity Monitoring Action Plan

Activity monitoring helps company's management to be aware of what employees do during workday and whether they do what they should do. The managers should remember that activity monitoring may cause negative reaction from employees. And that's why it is important to know how to conduct monitoring and create monitoring policy.

Use this Action Plan for people management to find out principles and rules for developing activity monitoring policy.

The corrective Action Plan for employees consists of the following categories:

  • Primary principles for monitoring
  • Assessing adverse impact
  • Developing policy for monitoring
  • Considering covert monitoring

Employee Agreement Action Plan

Employee Agreement Action Plan is created to help business managers compose the following sections of employer-employee contracts:

  • Scope of Employment;
  • Salary, Bonus and Benefits;
  • Employer’s Duties;
  • Duration and Termination;

Employee Appraisal Action Plan

Employee Appraisal Action Plan is designed to support all team leaders and project managers in doing the following actions:

  • Learn the most popular employee appraisal methods;
  • Learn employee appraisal sources;

Employee Attitude Survey Action Plan

Employee attitude survey is a good chance to assess opinions and morale of the employees in an organization. Most often such surveys are performed anonymously in the form of questionnaire. There is also a method of face-to-face interview. The employee attitude survey Action Plan shows you how to organize the survey and which method is to be used.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Define the scope and coverage of the survey
  • Decide who is to run the survey
  • Selecting a survey method: Questionnaire and face-to-face interview
  • Defining the questions and procedures

Employee Behavior Action Plan

Employee Behavior Action Plan is designed to assist employers and employees in the following:

  • Learning behaviors which are the part of excellent performance.
  • Fostering the best behaviors among employees (improving one’s own behavior).

Employee Benefits Action Plan

Employee Benefits Action Plan is created to support employers in the following:

  • Find out what factors can be counted as employee benefits;
  • Diversifying benefits to develop employee satisfaction and motivation;

Employee Compensation Action Plan

Employee Compensation Action Plan will be useful to you if you are an employer who wishes to do the following:

  • Learn a diversity of options that employee compensation includes;
  • Select appropriate ones to keep employees motivated;

Employee Competency Action Plan

Employee Competency Action Plan is designed to support HR managers and business owners in creating assessment criteria for candidates and current employees. In this action plan you will find:

  • General Competency;
  • Technical Competency;
  • Administrative Competency;

Employee Development Action Plan

Employee Development Action Plan is made to orient all business managers and owners in doing the following things:

  • Developing conception of excellent performance;
  • Identifying performance and knowledge gaps;
  • Composing developmental programs;
  • And much more…

Employee Documents Action Plan

Employee Documents Action Plan is made to help HR specialists to do the following:

  • Learn documents to be collected;
  • Make sure that all of them are in place;

Employee Engagement Action Plan

Recent employee engagement studies demonstrated that only 29% of employees are fully engaged. The rest employees are not engaged, or they are disengaged (54% of employees are not engaged and 17% are disengaged). This situation is challenging. The Action Plan for employee engagement will help managers turn disengaged and unengaged employees into engaged ones.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Considering six key drivers for better employee engagement results.
  • Develop Action Plans for employee engagement at different levels.
  • Develop and maintain implementation Action Plans for employee engagement.

Employee Evaluation Action Plan

This Employee Evaluation Action Plan is a checklist of guidelines helping you to focus on steps and procedures necessary to operate an effective evaluation of your employees. Specifically this Employee Evaluation Action Plan includes employee evaluation tips, suggestions and ideas on the following:

  • General Employee Evaluation Guidelines;
  • Essentials that employee needs to be provided with;
  • Employee Evaluation Techniques and Standards;

Employee Exit Action Plan

This Employee Exit Action Plan is an effective guide through the operation of the Employee Exit Procedure and elaborating of your own Employee Exit strategy to ensure return of organization’s property, identifying of hidden organisational and management problems, and handover of the working and administrative matters to another person. Specifically this Employee Exit Action Plan embraces the following:

  • Employee Exit Plan;
  • Matters of Employee Exit review;

Employee Feedback Action Plan

Employee Feedback Action Plan is created to support business and project managers in terms of the following:

  • Organizing regular feedback sessions;
  • Encouraging employees to express their opinions;
  • Elaborate improvement plans;
  • And much more…

Employee File Action Plan

The Employee File Action Plan is a series of basic steps that help you set up and maintain a system of employee files. This Action Plan includes the next two categories:

  • Preliminary Steps
  • Employee Filing System

Employee Handbook Action Plan

This Employee Handbook Action Plan explains what key items should be taken into account when developing an employee handbook. The following categories are added in the action plan:

  • Employement Policy
  • Benefits, Pay & Pensions
  • Leave Arrangements
  • Health & Safety
  • Training and Development

Employee Folder Action Plan

Employee Folder Action Plan is composed to help HR mangers who need to complete the following:

  • Collect documents that accompany employment process;
  • Sort documents by different categories and folders;

Employee Handover Action Plan

Employee handover forms and reports are tools used by employees to state current status of tasks and determine what needs to happen in the nearest future to ensure a seamless employee transition during the handover process. This Employee Handover Action Plan shows key steps to delegating duties to a new employee and creating a handover report. The Action Plan includes 5 categories such as:

  • Make a list of necessary information
  • Prioritize your list
  • Sequence the list
  • Add links to documents
  • Write a job description
  • Create an employee handover report

Employee Hiring Action Plan

Employee Hiring Action Plan is a 'to do list' for HR managers, hiring managers, department heads and company owners to systematize the process for hiring employees. Use this Action Plan for employee selection and hiring as a step-by-step guide to keep track of your recruiting effort.

The Action Plan for selection of employees consists of the following categories:

  • Determining position
  • Posting position
  • Screening candidates
  • Following an Action Plan for interviewing candidates

Employee Joining Action Plan

Employee Joining Action Plan is created for all HR professionals who wish to complete the following:

  • Orientate a new hire;
  • Help him to join the work smoothly;
  • Introduce the new team member to a variety of company policies;
  • Provide trainings, and much more…

Employee Induction Action Plan

Employee Induction Action Plan will help employers in the following:

  • New employee induction planning
  • Assigning “induction buddy”
  • Guiding through company facilities
  • And much more…

Employee Information Action Plan

Employee Information Action Plan will guide employers and HR specialists on the following:

  • Collecting Personal Information;
  • Collecting Job Information;

Employee Investigation Action Plan

This Employee Investigation Action Plan is created to maintain organizational strategies on handling employee misconducts of different kinds to follow-up them, investigate and prevent them.  Specifically this Employee Investigation Action Plan embraces the following sections:

  • Employee Investigation Procedures;
  • Types of employee misconducts, etc;
  • Sources that can deliver grounds for initiating an Employee Investigation;
  • Employee rights;
  • Employee Investigation outcomes;

Employee Motivation Action Plan

Today, employee motivation is one of the greatest issues facing any industry and demands the attention of management in any successful company. When it comes to retaining and motivating the work force, the aim should be to mitigate stress, improve employee's vision on Action Plans for goal setting. The result: employees work harder and customers become more satisfied. Use this employee Action Plan to retain and motivate employees in your company.

The employee motivation and stress management Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Providing meaning and purpose in work
  • Balance between work and home life
  • Reward the managers and place more value on your employees
  • Give your employees more freedom
  • Receive feedback
  • Beat the competition and share the rewards

Employee Observation Action Plan

Employee Observation Action Plan is created for all personnel managers who can utilize it to realize the following practices:

  • Workplace control, attendance and discipline;
  • Setting clear expectations, and establishing explicit supervision;
  • Employee performance reviews and face-to-face meetings;
  • And much more…

Employee Onboarding Action Plan

When you decide to employ a new person in your company you need to know how to organize the employee onboarding workflow, introduce this new employee to colleagues and prepare an onboarding meeting. This Employee Onboarding Action Plan will help you answer these questions. It consists of the next categories:

  • Basic Employee Onboarding Tips
  • Meeting with New Employee
  • Introducing New Employee to Colleagues
  • Introducing New Employee to Job
  • New Employee Training
  • Workplace Safety

Employee Orientation Action Plan

When a new employee starts to work for a company, his first day is the most difficult. The purpose of the company management is to provide the new employee with all necessary information. This Action Plan helps the managers to orientate the employee in new environment, introduce him to new community and give him job duties and instructions.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Preparations
  • Introduction and welcome
  • Department and position overview
  • Workplace overview

Employee Performance Action Plan

Employee Performance Action Plan is created to help all business owners and staff managers in the following activities:

  • Measure and control quality of work;
  • Inspect attendance and approaches;
  • Discover misbehaviors against quality, subordinations, etc;

Employee Records Action Plan

Employee Records Action Plan is made to help business and HR executives with the following items:

  • Employee New Hire Records;
  • Employee Payroll Records;
  • Employee Medical Records;
  • Staff Training Records;
  • Employee Performance Records;

Employee Productivity Action Plan

This Employee Productivity Action Plan is a two-step guide that shows you how to influence employee productivity and what metrics can be used to measure it. The Action Plan consists of the next categories:

  • Employee Productivity Factors.
  • Employee Productivity Measures.

Employee Reference Action Plan

This Employee Reference Action Plan is composed to help HR and business managers on getting Employee References for a candidate from his/her old employers. This all-round employee reference list (Employee Reference Action Plan) will give you an exPlanation of the following issues:

  • Employee Reference workflow (process);
  • Employee Reference recommendations and guidelines;

Employee Relations Action Plan

Employee Relations Action Plan is composed for employers who wish to do the following:

  • Establish relations between the staff members (employee-employee relationships);
  • Establish with the management (employer-employee relationships);

Employee Relocation Action Plan

This Employee Relocation Action Plan is for business owners and managers who wish to relocate their employees successfully. With a help of this action plan you can study essential tips on the following:

  • Reasons why employees may don’t want to relocate;
  • Reasons why employees can be enthusiastic about their possible relocation;
  • Elements of appropriate relocation package;

Employee Resignation Action Plan

This Employee Resignation Action Plan will be helpful for businessmen and HR managers who would like to operate the procedure of employee’s removal from his/her duties due to voluntary leaving his/her position. This Employee Resignation Action Plan specifically contains the following sections:

  • Employee Resignation Reasons (and how to mitigate risks);
  • Employee Resignation Process;

Employee Retention Action Plan

The process for managing employee retention involves a company in keeping its employees motivated and focused on their daily tasks and duties, so this process is important to successful employee management. The following Employee Retention Action Plan outlines the key aspects of the process and also gives several tips and suggestions on retaining workers. This action plan includes such categories as:

  • Employee Retention Practices.
  • Employee Retention Tips.

Employee Review Action Plan

The Employee Review Action Plan is a series of tips on preparing and conducting a review meeting for evaluating employees. It’ll be helpful for HR managers, team leaders and other people involved in staff evaluation activities. In this Action Plan, employee review tips are divided into 8 categories:

  • Set Review Purpose.
  • Create Agenda.
  • Define Strengths and Weaknesses.
  • Set Date.
  • Start Review Meeting.
  • Keep It Constructive.
  • Get Feedback.
  • Close Review Meeting.

Employee Safety Action Plan

This Employee Safety Action Plan will help you to establish appropriate workers safety program at your enterprise to secure health of your employees and bring you a number of sure benefits. This Employee Safety Action Plan focuses your attention on the following :

  • Workers Safety and Health Basics (savings, benefits, etc);
  • On-the-jobSafety Guidelines:
    • Elements of Employee Safety Programs;
    • Employee Safety Plan ;

Employee Selection Action Plan

This employee selection Action Plan is created to help business managers who need to establish effective employee selection program in their organizations. With a help of this simple employee selection Action Plan you can study the main employee selection activities, tools and methods, especially you will find recommendations on the following:

  • Employee selection principles and facts;
  • Employee selection Plan (practical employee selection steps);

Employee Separation Action Plan

This Employee Separation Action Plan is composed to guide you through the procedures of employee resignation management. The point of this Employee Separation Action Plan is to reach a smooth process for disintegration of a resigning employee from the body of your organization, so it includes tips on the following:

  • Employee Separation Process;
  • Three parallel branches of this process;
  • Guidelines on Employee Separation agreements and announcements;

Employee Skills Action Plan

Employee Skills Action Plan is created for business managers in order to evaluate skilling level of employees. With a help of this action plan you can inspect skills by the following categories:

  • Computer skills;
  • Self-organization skills;
  • Professional skills;
  • Communicative skills;
  • Managerial skills;

Employee Termination Action Plan

This Employee Termination Action Plan describes a five-step process to fire an employee legally. Here are these steps of the employee termination process:

  • Prepare Employee Termination Document.
  • Compose Employee Termination Letter.
  • Offer Employee Benefits.
  • Make Employee Termination Announcement.
  • Prepare Employee Termination Form.

Employee Transfer Action Plan

Employee Transfer Action Plan is created to guide organizations on the following:

  • Preparing employee transfer;
  • Training a replacement to fill the vacancy;
  • Considering transfer in terms of IT, property administration, etc;
  • And much more…

Employee Transition Action Plan

Employee Transition Action Plan is composed to assist all business owners and managers in completing the following actions:

  • Orient the new/potential employee;
  • Plan re-training options;
  • Help the new person to adapt in the new team;
  • And much more;

Employee of the Month Action Plan

Employee of the Month Action Plan is composed to help all company managers in the following:

  • Making this kind of contest transparent, fair and effective;
  • Helping employees to orient within conditions of this contest;

Employee vs Independent Contractor Action Plan

Employee vs Independent Action Plan is created for HR managers who wish to accomplish the following:

  • Compare the status and rights of employees against contractors;
  • Compare the labour relations between employers and regular workers/contractors;
  • Compare the approach to working hours, trainings, instruments, etc;

Employee Training Plan Action Plan

You can use this Training Plan Action Plan as a guide that shows you basic steps for designing a sample training Plan. The Action Plan includes the following items:

  • Set Goal for Training Plan.
  • Determine Training Plan Scope.
  • Choose Training Type.
  • Select Method of Training Instruction.
  • Prepare Physical Facilities Required for Training.
  • Training Plan Timing.
  • Select Instructors.

Developing Human Resource Strategy Action Plan

This Action Plan in strategic Planning of human resources is designed for human resource professionals who wish to make contribution to the strategic management and HR development of the company. The Action Plan brings main points for defining personnel critical issues and creating an Action Plan for team building and HR strategy development.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Understanding the business strategy
  • Following a SWOT analysis Action Plan
  • Determining critical personnel issues

Effective Group Collaboration Action Plan

Team collaboration is a key element in the realization of an Action Plan for success of a company. However many teams cannot produce desirable results because they are not 'build' in the right way. To create an Action Plan for teamwork and efficient team building, it is very important to create and follow an Action Plan to reduce stress related to team building. The Action Plan below consists of the items:

  • Creating common concept
  • Setting objectives
  • Creating Plan
  • Explaining roles and responsibilities

Harassment Policy Development Action Plan

Harassment or discrimination at workplace can result in high turnover, absenteeism, reduced morale and lower productivity, and an uncomfortable atmosphere to work in. Use this Action Plan to prevent such negative effects and save your company and staff members from lawsuits.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Setting purpose of the policy
  • Giving definition for harassment and discrimination
  • Establishing management and staff responsibilities

Gap Analysis Action Plan

Gap Analysis Action Plan is composed to support project and business managers in accomplishing the following things:

  • Identifying the subject for your gap analysis;
  • Considering areas where necessary knowledge can be collected;
  • Seizing and describing the present situation;
  • Defining the desirable state;
  • And much more…

Job Analysis Action Plan

It is important to know how to use job analysis techniques to find better ways for managing employees and increasing their job performance. The following Job analysis Action Plan will give you a definition of job analysis, list its benefits and guide through several necessary steps of job analyzing.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Job Analysis: Summary Information
  • Information Gathering
  • Information Examining And Using

Pre-Employment Screening Action Plan

Pre-Employment Screening Action Plan is designed to provide help to the HR specialists in terms of the following actions:

  • Proving the candidate’s legal status;
  • Proving educational and employment background;
  • Examining civil background;
  • And much more…

New Employee IT Action Plan

New Employee IT Action Plan is created to help IT managers in terms of the following:

  • Setting up new workstation;
  • Installing software packages and hardware for new employees;
  • Introducing new hire to IT policies;
  • And much more…

New Employee Paperwork Action Plan

New Employee Paperwork Action Plan will be useful to employers when they need to do the following:

  • Check and confirm new employee’s eligibility;
  • Settle the matters with tax withholdings;
  • Complete background checks;
  • And much more…

New Employee Payroll Action Plan

New Employee Payroll Action Plan is created to help employers in the following:

  • Learning why they need to complete different forms;
  • Know what kind of reporting they should do annually and quarterly;
  • And much more…

Job Evaluation Action Plan

This job evaluation Action Plan is designed for enterprise managers who would like to increase compliance and loyalty of their employees by offering them equitable remunerations for jobs they perform. With a help of this job evaluation Action Plan you can learn job evaluation problems and benefits, objectives and methods, useful job evaluation tips and recommendations on the following:

  1. Job evaluation rules and facts;
  2. Job evaluation principles and steps for different methods;
  3. Some examples of job evaluation metrics (requirements, compensable factors) 

Job Interview Action Plan

This job interview Action Plan is created for managers who want to organize the interview with candidates for getting jobs in their companies. This interview Action Plan for interviewers (interviewer checklist) provides all-round preparations, explaining recommendations, interview tips and interview checklist sample son the following:

  • Beforehand interview preparation;
  • During the interview process;
  • Interview checklist example on typical interview questions

Personnel Treatment Action Plan

The personnel treatment Action Plan describes how to deal with your employees so they feel satisfied with their job. This Action Plan includes common tips which need to be considered when you want to retain good relationships with your employees and gain good results from their work. The personnel treatment Action Plan is not exhaustive and you can easily modify and supplement it.

The Action Plan for stress management and personnel treatment consists of the following categories:

  • Make your employees feel appreciated with valuable service and work which they provide.
  • Criticize your employees in private conversations and praise in public.
  • Do not blame your employees for any problems until you gain the clear understanding of situation and have conclusive grounds to say that employee has made mistake
  • Be visible for your employees.

Personnel Turnover and Retention Action Plan

Better management of workforce turnover involves assessment of the amount and types of turnover that are acceptable within specific industry. This Action Plan for workforcePlanning and staff retention explores possible reasons for turnover and allows to consider what organization management can do to retain more staff. This Action Plan is created to help HR managers and team leaders to better understand and manage staff turnover.

The Action Plan for staff development and retention consists of the following categories:

  • Measuring effects of workforce turnover
  • Assessing your company against others
  • Finding out the reasons for staff turnover

Planning Recruitment Process Action Plan

The process of recruitment is vital in an organization, ensuring that the organization has people assigned to an Action Plan for implementation of recruitment strategies and objectives. Use this Action Plan to efficiently invest your time and efforts into Planning process of recruitment. The Action Plan helps to find the right person for the job, minimize labor turnover and enhance competitive advantage.

The Action Plan for recruitment consists of the following categories:

  • Staff requirements
  • Consideration and discussion of new appointments
  • Job description and requirements
  • The labor market research
  • Finding applicants

Staff Reduction Action Plan

In hard times of economic recession the problem of employee discharge becomes critical than ever. Employers and owners whose companies suffer from the crisis are forced to reduce staff and lessen labor costs. The Staff Reduction Action Plan will show you how consistently develop and implement the staff reduction Plan.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Considering the reasons for staff reduction Plan development
  • Development of staff reduction Plan
  • Layoff notification requirements
  • Work assessments and cost mitigation

Staff Training Action Plan

As any kind of training or study, Staff Training is an investment in the future. By training employees and improving their personal and professional skills, staff training helps the management to optimize the company activity and increase profits. Here is an Action Plan for employee improvement that demonstrates the steps of efficient staff training.

The staff development Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Responsibilities of Training Officer
  • General Information
  • Selecting Training methods
  • Indication and Evaluation

Successful Leadership Practice Action Plan

The progressive and successful leadership Action Plan can be helpful for managers who would like to assess and improve their leadership attitudes and qualities. Use this Action Plan to improve leadership and develop a good approach to modern leadership and progressive managerial practices.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Talk to your employees about their professional ambitions and expectations for future
  • Provide opportunities for your employees to improve their skills, obtain more experience and increase their competence
  • Learn to delegate tasks correctly and coach employees to be responsible
  • Do not justify your fault in the eyes of clients or authorities by blaming your subordinates
  • Do not let employees feel uncontrolled

Team Leader Action Plan

This Team Leader Action Plan is designed to help you better understand leadership role. It describes the key team leadership activities, the skills set of a good team leader and also a series of tasks and duties. The action plan includes the following categories:

  • Team Leadership Activities.
  • Team Leader Skills.
  • Tasks and Duties.

Team Management Action Plan

Read the following Team Management Action Plan to find out how to create a work environment in which your employees can work as a team showing better performance, being highly motivated, resolving conflicts, and participating in training sessions. The Action Plan consists of the following topics:

  • Team Management – Motivation
  • Team Management – Conflict Resolution
  • Team Management – Performance
  • Team Management – Training

Team Productivity and Effectiveness Improvement Action Plan

Team Productivity and Effectiveness Improvement Action Plan will be helpful for personnel and business managers who would like to arrange proper environment for their employees. Use this Action Plan to improve employee motivation and to stimulate employees' productivity by increasing recognition, responsibility, enhancing team management.

The Action Plan to motivate a team and increase its productivity consists of the following categories:

  • Increase Employee Accountability:
  • Improve Team Environment:
  • Improve Team Organization:

Telework Management Action Plan

Today, teleworkers make up to 10% of the US workforce, and the number of teleworkers is increasing each year. This Action Plan shows you what should be considered and assessed in order to organize a telework team and outline key point of the telework policy.

The tele work Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Potential advantages
  • Potential disadvantages
  • Planning telework program
  • Establish telework policy

Workforce Planning Action Plan

Workforce Planning allows ensuring that the right employees with the right competencies are in the right workplace at the right time. Properly implemented workforce Planning techniques will help you get employees more motivated, organized and trained. Read this workforce Planning Action Plan to learn more.

The Action Plan includes the following topics:

  • Workforce Planning: Summary Information.
  • Recruiting New Workforce.
  • Retaining Existing Workforce.
  • Training Workforce.

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