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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan

In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner.

Money Management Action Plan
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Marketing Action Plans  

Marketing Action Plans


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Marketing Activities Action Plan

This Marketing Activities Action Plan will be helpful to all those who would like to organize introduction and promotion of their businesses or products at the market. This action plan comprises the following:

  • Types of Activities;
  • Marketing Organization and Management;

Market Analysis Action Plan

No matter whether you’re going to launch a new product or service, making a market analysis is the first step in identifying if there is a need or target audience for the product/service. The goal of the given below market analysis Action Plan is to help you determine attractiveness of the market you are going to enter. You will understand the market opportunities and threats that relate to the strengths and weaknesses of your company.

The Action Plan includes the following categories:

  • The purpose of market analysis
  • Three steps of market analysis process.
  • Determining and investigating the problem
  • Collecting and interpreting information relative to the problem
  • Creating a marketing Plan

Marketing Audit Action Plan

The following Marketing Audit Action Plan lists key tasks you can do to audit marketing activities and operations of your business organization. It includes such categories as:

  • Market
  • Marketing Operations
  • Brand Management
  • Product Positioning
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • New Product Development

Marketing Automation Action Plan

Marketing Automation Action Plan is created for business managers to help them in determining whether a degree of marketing automation in their organizations is suitable. In this action plan you will find suggestions on the following:

  • Task and time management;
  • Customer relations management;
  • Financial management;
  • And much more…

Marketing Budget Action Plan

This Marketing Budget Action Plan is designed for marketing department staff to help them understand what expenses are included in a typical marketing budget sheet. It can be used as an additional guide for projecting and estimating marketing costs. The following categories are included in the action plan:

  • Pre-budgeting
  • General Marketing Expenses
  • Marketing Communications Costs
  • Promotion Costs
  • Costs on Analyzing Competitors and Customers

Marketing Campaign Action Plan

This Marketing Campaign Template demonstrates a series of tips and guidelines on how to prepare marketing campaigns. It describes steps for setting goals and developing a strategy for your marketing campaign. The Action Plan consists of the next categories:

  • Set Campaign Objectives.
  • Develop Campaign Strategy.
  • Make Campaign Summary.
  • Marketing Campaign Tips.

Marketing Collateral Action Plan

Marketing collateral is the series of media to support the sales of some product or service. Companies use marketing collateral to strengthen their advertizing campaigns and improve prospecting. Read the following Marketing Collateral Action Plan to gain ideas about marketing collateral. The action plan includes these categories:

  • Design Company Fact Sheet
  • Design Product Fact Sheet
  • Create a Press Kit
  • Benefit from a Corporate Website
  • Make a Price List
  • Publish Periodic Reports

Marketing Communications Action Plan

Would you like to know how to establish marketing communications in several steps? The following action plan describes such steps. It focuses you on using resources of your company to accomplish the following goals:

  • Plan for Communications
  • Conduct Situation Analysis
  • Define Target Audience
  • Start Advertizing
  • Improve Public Relations

Marketing Event Action Plan

This marketing event Action Plan will be helpful to business managers and event organizers who need guidance through the basic steps on preparing, organizing and managing arrangements in the sphere of marketing. This marketing event Action Plan contains marketing event ideas, steps and recommendations on the following:

  • Marketing event management basics (marketing event definition Plan);
  • Image, promotion and PR;
  • Facilities, staffing and travel;

Marketing Letter Action Plan

This Marketing Letter Action Plan explores the key content elements of a typical marketing letter and explains how to write such a letter. The following categories are included in the action plan:

  • Content Components
  • Writing Methods
  • Additional Tips & Suggestions

Marketing Materials Action Plan

Increased product sales will require you to be good at marketing and advertizing. You will need to know which marketing materials are best for promotion and distribution. Read this Marketing Materials Action Plan to learn to Plan and choose materials for your marketing campaign. The Action Plan includes the following categories:

  • Marketing Materials Plan.
  • Marketing Materials Types.

Marketing Mix Action Plan

This Marketing Mix Action Plan is created to support marketing specialists who need employing this conception for their needs. With a help of this action plan you will learn the following:

  • Overview;
  • Place;
  • Product;
  • Price;
  • Promotion;

Marketing Project Action Plan

This Marketing Action Plan is created to guide marketers and corporate managers in building up projects to promote their products, brands or companies. With a help of this action plan you will answer the questions to be guided through the following:

  • Objectives for your Marketing Project;
  • Elements to be involved;
  • The marketing message and outcomes;
  • Budgeting and timing;
  • Way to target audience;
  • Controlling the message and outcomes;

Marketing Proposal Action Plan

This Marketing Proposal Action Plan is created to support corporate marketers who are seeking to propose improvements of their current marketing strategies and policies. In this action plan you can find information on the following areas:

  • What matters to analyze before elaborating a marketing proposal;
  • How to pin-point problems;
  • How to create a documented proposal;

Marketing Plan Action Plan

This Marketing Plan Action Plan can help entrepreneurs to compose their marketing Plans to prospective sponsors and investors. The body of this Marketing Plan Action Plan contains a list of reviews on different sections of such a document (Marketing Plan Components):

  • Marketing Plan Executive Summary;
  • Current Situation (Market Situation Analysis);
  • Competitor and Issues Analysis;
  • And more others…

Marketing Research Action Plan

In this Marketing Research Action Plan we’ve described the key steps to conducting a sample campaign. It will be helpful to specialists from marketing departments, sales teams and other people involved in marketing activities. The action plan includes such categories as:

  • Problem Identification.
  • Method Selection.
  • Data Collection and Analysis.
  • Reporting.

Marketing Skills Action Plan

What skills set a successful marketer should have? What actions can be taken to develop marketing skills? In this Marketing Skills Action Plan you can find answers on these equations. It consists of the following categories:

  • Marketing Skills Set.
  • Marketing Skills Training Tips.

Marketing Strategy Action Plan

Implementing a marketing strategy example can be "the life or death" of your business. If you are not sure about your marketing strategy implementation , you need to use some tutorial or guideline. The given marketing strategy Action Plan will help you to market your products or services.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories

  • Mission statement
  • Background of your marketing strategy
  • Market segmentation
  • Customers
  • Competitors
  • Advertising
  • Making final decisions on marketing strategy execution

Marketing Tactics Action Plan

Use this Marketing Tactics Action Plan to learn and brainstorm tactical marketing practices. The action plan explores seven basic tactics that can be used to improve marketing activity in almost any organization. These tactics are as follows:

  • Networking
  • Publicity
  • Newsletters
  • Website
  • Collateral
  • Advertising
  • Direct Mail

Marketing Techniques Action Plan

Marketing Techniques Action Plan is created to assist the business marketers & salespersons who want to intensify their sales by using improved marketing techniques. This action plan can help you to master the following principal techniques:

  • Expressing the benefit to customers;
  • Becoming irreplaceable to customers;
  • Becoming magnetic to customers;
  • And much more…

Market Assessment Action Plan

The following Market Assessment Action Plan explains how to perform an analysis and evaluation of a market in terms of customers, products, rivals and partners. The action plan will be helpful for market analysts, sales managers, and other professionals involved in market research. It consists of these categories:

  • Why Assess a Market
  • Product Review
  • Customer Analysis
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Partnership Analysis

Market Entry Action Plan

When a company wants to succeed in entering a new foreign market, it needs to have a penetration strategy that determines prospects, competitors and penetration methods. Read this Market Entry Action Plan to find out the steps necessary for developing such a strategy. The steps are as follows:

  • Research Prospects
  • Analyze Competitors
  • Select Penetration Methods
  • Develop a Penetration Strategy

Market Opportunity Analysis Action Plan

Read this Market Opportunity Analysis Action Plan to learn about how to analyze a market opportunity in terms of customers, competition, and products. The action plan can be used as an additional guide in developing a comprehensive marketing strategy. It consists of the following categories:

  • Customers
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Buying Behaviors
  • Brand Positioning

Market Penetration Strategy Action Plan

Consider the following tips and suggestions listed in this Market Penetration Strategy Action Plan before making your decision regarding how to implement an effective strategy for market penetration. The action plan will guide you through these issues:

  • Define the Need for a Penetration Strategy
  • Consider Penetration Criteria
  • Plan Investments
  • Plan Actions

Market Readiness Action Plan

Customers are the major criterion for measuring a business readiness to a market. A more satisfied customer is likely to make repeat purchases and become loyal to the business. Read this Market Readiness Action Plan to find out how you can ensure your firm’s readiness to the market. The action plan includes these topics:

  • Explore Customers
  • Tune Your Offerings
  • Monitor Customer Satisfaction

Market Report Writing Action Plan

When your market research comes to an end, you must write a kind of report that summarize the steps done, the data gathered and the solutions provided. Read this Market Report Writing Action Plan to have a to-do list for creating your market report. The action plan highlights these steps of the report writing process:

  • Preliminary Steps
  • Prepare Market Research Data
  • Write Title Page
  • Attach Table of Contents
  • Fill up the Sections
  • Submit the Report

Market Segmentation Action Plan

A market segment is an identifiable group of people who have similar needs and preferences regarding a product within in an otherwise homogeneous market. Read this Market Segmentation Action Plan to find out how to divide a broader market into segments. The action plan highlights these steps:

  • Set Segmentation Criteria
  • Choose Right Segments
  • Develop a Marketing Strategy

Market Share Analysis Action Plan

When a business wants to reach an increase in its market share, it needs to analyze the situation and have a plan for sales improvement. Read the following Market Share Action Plan to learn about how you can analyze your market share and improve your company’s position. The action plan highlights these topics:

  • Define Goals
  • Analyze Drivers of Market Share
  • Analyze Variables of Marketing Mix
  • Assess Competition
  • Improve Market Situation

Market Sizing Action Plan

Business start-ups must evaluate size and nature of their markets when planning their brand and sales policies. If your company enters a new market and wants to be sure this market is sufficient, you need to know how to estimate the market’s size. Read this Market Sizing Template to learn key steps of the estimation process. The steps are as follows:

  • Define Target Audience
  • Calculate Market Penetration Rate
  • Explore Market Potential
  • Determine Market Size

Market Survey Action Plan

You can use this Market Survey Action Plan in planning, analyzing and reviewing your market research. The action plan consists of tasks and steps that describe the following actions:

  • Define the Need
  • Develop Questionnaire
  • Choose Delivery Method
  • Analyze Survey Data
  • Develop a Survey Report

Market Study Action Plan

This Market Study Action Plan is designed for marketers who would like to perform a new marketing study to clarify the external situation. In this action plan you will find the following:

  • The attributes of Market Study;
  • Areas to be studied;

Market Visit Report Action Plan

Use this Market Visit Report Action Plan to learn about what information you should include in your market visit report. The action plan will also help you plan and organize your next market visits. It consists of the following categories:

  • Before Your Market Visit
  • During Your Market Visit
  • After Your Market Visit
  • Write Your Report

Advertising Campaign Action Plan

Advertising takes one of the pivotal roles in marketing system of company. Companies invest a lot of money into advertisement to promote and sell their products and services. This Action Plan for advertising is aimed at helping companies to hold efficient advertising campaign.

The Action Plan in marketing and adverting consists of the following categories:

  • Conducting researches and defining objectives
  • Researching factors influencing on target audience
  • Setting responsibilities
  • Creating advertising concept
  • Defining a list of optimal advertising media to be applied
  • Creating advertising messages

Advertising Schedule Action Plan

This Advertising Schedule Action Plan will be helpful to everyone who wishes to organize his advertising strategy to maximize its impact upon target consumers. With a help of this Action Plan you can study items in the following sections:

  • Templates of Advertising Media Schedule;
  • Methods for Scheduling Advertising Campaigns;
  • Advertising Schedule, Marketing and Organization;

Competitive Analysis Action Plan

Successful implementation of competitive analysis techniques and methods requires knowing what basic steps of competitive analysis should be taken first. Use the given below Competitive Analysis Action Plan to learn more. The Action Plan offers you to follow the next competitive analysis steps:

  • Learning Competitive Analysis Definition and Advantages.
  • Making a List of Competitors.
  • Using a Competitor Analysis Grid.
  • Reviewing Results of Your Analysis.

Competitive Environment Analysis Action Plan

The competitive environment analysis Action Plan can be used by company managers who need to assess the market environment, decide what competitors they have, research their clients and decide what advantages will help company to obtain business success.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Study your market and clients
  • Study your competitors

Email Campaign Action Plan

Email is one of the most powerful and convenient marketing tools available for small companies. With help of emailing, the businesses can cost-effectively strengthen existing relationships, initiate new partnerships and convert one-time visitors (buyers, members etc.) into long-term customers.  The Action Plan for marketing and email campaign will show you how to establish successful relationships with partners and customers through emailing.

The email marketing Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Setting objectives for the campaign
  • Defining target audience
  • Setting frequency and delivery timing
  • Creating message etc.

Inbound Marketing Action Plan

Inbound marketing is a relatively new technique that makes it possible to utilize modern Internet technologies to generate new leads and drive sales. Read this Inbound Marketing Action Plan to find out how your company can use the technique for leads generation and sales performance. The action plan includes these categories:

  • Create a Marketing Strategy
  • Develop and Maintain a Powerful Website
  • Convert Traffic into Leads
  • Convert Leads into Sales

Go-To-Market Action Plan

A comprehensive go-to-market strategy clearly defines how a company can enter a new market with a kind of product or service. In this Go-To-Market Action Plan you will find out what keys steps are required to develop such a plan. The action plan will tell you how to:

  • Solve Key Issues of Go-To-Market Planning
  • Identify Market Opportunity
  • Plan for Budget
  • Develop a Strategy

PEST Analysis Action Plan

The PEST analysis Action Plan is intended for organization managers who need to perform analysis of macro-environmental factors which can influence their enterprises. This type of analysis is used in business strategic management. Use this Action Plan in business to consider and carefully research general factors which are relative to PEST (Political, Economical Social and Technological factors) analysis.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Political Factors:
  • Economic Factors:
  • Social factors:
  • Technological factors:

Route-to-Market Action Plan

When you want your company to achieve certain business objectives or accelerate growth in a market, you must have a route-to-market plan that explores what to sell, to whom, and through what channels. Read this Route-to-Market Action Plan to find out how to:

  • Learn Customer Behaviors
  • Select Distribution Channels
  • Analyze Current Situation
  • Develop a Penetration Strategy

SWOT analysis Action Plan

This SWOT analysis Action Plan is created to help business managers in conducting business objects analysis according to this well-known method. SWOT analysis summary is a special table where you record Strengths and Weaknesses (internal matters) of your organization against Opportunities and Threats (external matters) related to organization’s activity – this will help you in determining objectives for your strategic and operative Planning. This SWOT analysis Action Plan explains recommendations on the following:

  • SWOT analysis layout;
  • SWOT analysis instructions and facts;

Target Audience Analysis Action Plan

Once you identify your target market, you can design an advertizing campaign that will focus on your target buyers and thus general higher sales. Read this Target Audience Analysis Action Plan to find out how to identify the target audience. The action plan highlights the following topics:

  • Demographics & Geography
  • Psychology and Behaviors
  • Market Survey

Viral Marketing Action Plan

Viral marketing is a powerful technique that ensures sales growth through customer contact (referrals). Read the following Viral Marketing Action Plan to find out how to prepare an ad campaign driven by this great technique. The action highlights these topics:

  • Set Goals
  • Perform Market Analysis
  • Improve Company Website
  • Choose Viral Marketing Strategies

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