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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprises ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan

In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner.

Money Management Action Plan
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Product Management Action Plans  

Product Management Action Plans


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Product Audit Action Plan

This Product Audit Action Plan gives you a brief description of the two processes for examining and verifying products. It will be helpful in managing IT projects, developing software products and other projects. The action plan consists of the following categories:

  • Product Examination.
  • Product Verification.

Product Assessment Action Plan

This Product Assessment Action Plan helps you to find out whether your product includes specified features and is competitive and cost-effective. The action plan lists a range of questions that address the following issues:

  • Specification
  • Costs
  • Competitiveness

Product Brand Creation Action Plan

The product brand creation Action Plan is created for product and company managers who need to specify, differentiate and identify their products within market (create a brand). This Action Plan Action Plan includes a number of questions and tips that can help with creation of complex of information associated with their product.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Definition of product's advantages
  • Studying of competing products
  • Differentiation
  • Definition of the market niche and market positioning
  • Identity, package, promotion

Product Comparison Action Plan

This Product Comparison Action Plan is designed to help you in defining the best solution among a group of available competing propositions. With a help of this Action Plan you can study the following things:

  • How to formulate a conception of the best product for you;
  • How to create and fill a comparison table;
  • How to compare the competing products;

Product Delivery Action Plan

Product Delivery Action Plan is created for business managers who need setting up the procedures on product delivery from their organizations to their customers. In this action plan you can find the following:

  • Preparing a product for delivery;
  • Vehicle inspection, loading and product transportation;

Product Design Action Plan

In order to create a product design you need to take several steps including indentifying problems and opportunities, setting up user requirements, and making a prototype. In this Product Design Action Plan all the steps of the phase are listed. The action plan includes the following three categories:

  • Problem and Opportunity.
  • Requirements and Solution.
  • Prototyping and Presentation.

Product Deployment Action Plan

This Product Deployment Action Plan is a simple guide that helps product managers in leading the process of deploying a product or service. The following categories are added in the action plan:

  • Deployment Planning
  • Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Support and Service

Product Development Action Plan

Developing a new product is always a challenge because you have to consider a lot of factors influencing the product’s success. Here’s a helpful Product Development Action Plan that shows what steps you can take to investigate your concept and launch your product. The action plan includes two categories:

  • Product Idea Investigation
  • Product Launch

Product Differentiation Action Plan

Product Differentiation Action Plan is composed to assist the business managers in positioning their products as unique or superior. In this action plan you can find:

  • Types of Product differentiation;
  • Customer values important to product differentiation;
  • Sources of product differentiation;

Product Evaluation Action Plan

Use this Product Evaluation Action Plan to learn why your product may fail, what characteristics the product should have to be effective, and how to evaluate the product. The action plan includes such categories as:

  • Causes of Product Failure
  • Best Product Characterization
  • Evaluation Criteria

Product Improvement Action Plan

This Product Improvement Action Plan is created for all business managers who wish to see their products and services continuously developing in terms of their quality and functionality.  In this action plan you will find:

  • Product Reliability and Functionality Tracking;
  • Product Design Analysis;
  • Engineered Improvement;

Product Inspection Action Plan

Product Inspection Action Plan is created to assist the enterprise managers to do the following:

  • Ensure in-process inspections;
  • Conduct ready product inspections;
  • Conduct technological tests and pre-shipment inspection;

Product Introduction Action Plan

Product Introduction Action Plan is designed for all business managers to help them doing the following:

  • Design and register new product identity attributes;
  • Evaluate market receptivity;
  • Organize advertising;
  • And much more…

Product Launch Action Plan

This Product Launch Action Plan is an all-round guidance helping you in managing a process of preparing your organization to launch new products or services on the market. With a help of this Action Plan you can cope with the following themes:

  • Planning Product Launch (team, schedule, budget, etc);
  • Product Launch Requirements (for different kinds of departments);

Product Liability Action Plan

This Product Liability Action Plan includes tips and suggestions a manufacturing or retailing company can follow to plan and manage for safety of its goods. It features the following categories:

  • Consider Reasons For Product Recall.
  • Ensure Product Safety.
  • Prevent Product Loss.
  • Plan for a Recall Process.

Product Management Action Plan

This product management Action Plan is created to help those people who need to carry out functions of product managers but aren’t closely familiar with the product management models. For such people we have created this product management Action Plan including descriptions of the main product lifecycle stages, methods to manage them and other essentials. Especially you will find recommendations and product management tips on the following:

  • Product Development;
  • Product Introduction;
  • Product Growth;
  • Product Mature;
  • Product Decline;

Product Portfolio Action Plan

Product Portfolio Action Plan is made to help the company managers do the following:

  • Form up a robust product portfolio;
  • Manage the product portfolio to keep it successful;

Product Positioning Action Plan

The following Product Positioning Action Plan explains how to plan for successful positioning of a product or service in 4 basic steps, including:

  • Market Segmentation
  • Positioning Criteria
  • Product’s Share
  • Customer Focus

Product Presentation Action Plan

Product Presentation Action Plan is made for all sales specialists to help them in accomplishing the following activities:

  • Learn Product Presentation Recommendations;
  • Reveal Product Features, Functions and Benefits;
  • Organize Stages of Product Presentation;

Product Pricing Action Plan

Product Pricing Action Plan is created to help you in doing the following:

  • Setting your pricing strategy;
  • Considering reference points of your customers to judge your prices;
  • Planning components of your pricing model;
  • And much more…

Product Profitability Analysis Action Plan

Product Profitability Analysis Action Plan is made to help all business managers in doing the following:

  • Managing Product Profitability;
  • Conducting Product Costing Analysis;

Product Promotion Action Plan

Product Promotion Action Plan is designed to help business managers in their actions towards the following:

  • Introduction of a new product to the market;
  • Creating positive image of a new product;
  • Increasing customer awareness and product recognition;

Product Rationalization Action Plan

This Product Rationalization Action Plan is composed to help business owners and executives in their activities designated for identification of products and services that do not make value for their further selling or manufacturing. In this action plan you will find:

  • About Product Rationalization;
  • Product Rationalization Metrics;

Product Recall Action Plan

This Product Recall Action Plan outlines how your company can plan for a recall procedure. It includes a range of tasks organized by 6 steps, such as:

  • Recall Plan
  • Recall Levels
  • Product Traceability
  • Feedback and Hazard Analysis
  • Corrective Action Plan
  • Success Monitoring

Product Registration Action Plan

Product Registration Action Plan is made to help you in doing the following things:

  • Providing your business information;
  • Approving your legal status on brand and trademark ownership;
  • Claiming your product’s status and qualities;
  • And much more…

Product Release Action Plan

This Product Release Action Plan is an all-round checklist assisting you in managing a process of making your organization ready prior to launching some new products or services on the market. With a help of this action plan you can cope with the following themes:

  • Assembling Committee;
  • Finalizing the Product prior to Release;
  • Finalizing the Plan;
  • Allocating Tasks;

Product Requirements Action Plan

Product Requirements Action Plan is composed to support all business executives who are in charge of the following:

  • Developing vision of functional requirements;
  • Considering performance requirements;
  • Developing detailed specifications;
  • And much more…

Product Readiness Action Plan

This Product Readiness Action Plan is created to support the business managers in their efforts to approve their organizations’ new products. In this action plan you will find the following sections to go through:

  • General Suitability and Configuration;
  • Mass Production Readiness;

Product Review Action Plan

Product Review Action Plan is created to help experts and marketers in the following:

  • Introduce the targeted products in general terms;
  • Review the product\'s packaging and exterior;
  • Give a review to the product functionality, benefits and featuring;
  • And much more…

Product Roadmap Action Plan

Product Roadmap Action Plan is designed to help product managers in the following:

  • Map out the product development;
  • Map out the product competitiveness retention;
  • Roadmap the customer service;

Product Safety Action Plan

This Product Safety Action Plan can work for product developers and business owners who are interested to make their products safer for their users. With a help of this action plan you will learn the following:

  • Categories to test out your products by;
  • How to communicate safety recommendations and cautions;
  • How to verify and prove product safety;
  • And much more;

Product Screening Action Plan

This Product Screening Action Plan is designed to help all business owners and managers in their efforts to eliminate all unsound concepts in the process of product idea screening. In this action plan you will find the following:

  • Screening product ideas via considering target market and audience;
  • Screening via defining technical feasibility of production;
  • Screening via justifying product benefits;
  • And much more…

Product Suitability Action Plan

This Product Suitability Action Plan is created to support business managers who need to control suitability of their products or services, so they can stay at the highest level of quality & relevance. In this action plan you can find the following sections:

  • Voice of the Product;
  • Voice of the Processes;
  • Voice of the Customer;
  • Voice of the Business;

Product Quality Action Plan

This Product Quality Action Plan will be helpful to all product developers and business owners as it contains a set of guidelines on the following areas of product management:

  • Correctness;
  • Reliability;
  • Efficiency;
  • Safety;

Product Testing Action Plan

Product Testing Action Plan is made to help company managers with the following:

  • Identification of product parameters to be tested;
  • Creation of product testing reports;
  • Collaboration with a testing team;
  • And more…

Product Transfer Action Plan

Product Transfer Action Plan is composed to for all business executives who need to accomplish the following:

  • Verify correctness and workability of a product before transferring it;
  • Accomplish a product sign-off in organization;
  • Ensure customer satisfaction with after-sale services;
  • And much more…

Product Verification Action Plan

Product Verification Action Plan will assist all business managers in doing the following things:

  • Bringing business processes to perfection;
  • Developing and selecting means to protect products against copying;
  • Protecting customers against counterfeit and false products;
  • And much more…

Production Planning Action Plan

The following Production Planning Action Plan is like a simple production Planning tutorial that guides you through common information on Planning manufacturing procedures. The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Production Planning Process: Definition and Goal
  • Stages of Production Planning Process
  • Production Planning Methods

New Commercial Product Planning Action Plan

New Commercial Product Planning Checklist is created to help enterprise managers and product managers with designing a plan of creation and manufacturing application of new commercial products. This checklist consists of points that should be performed and considered in order to ensure feasibility and expediency of new commercial product.

New Product Screening Action Plan

New Product Screening Action Plan is created to assist the business and product managers in a process of examining and screening out new product ideas. With a help of this action plan you can do the following:

  • Characterize the status of your new product conception;
  • Define product suitability to current marketing goals;
  • Define product feasibility for manufacturing;
  • Estimate new product profitably;

New Product Press Release Action Plan

New Product Press Release Action Plan is made to aid you in doing the following:

  • Completing the Press Release Introduction;
  • Composing the Opening paragraph;
  • Creating the Body of Press Release;

Searching For New Product Ideas Action Plan

The searching for new product ideas Action Plan offers a number of sources where new ideas can be found. This Action Plan will help you to overview variety of possible sources, so you can find those which suit your situation.

The Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Search solutions for existing problems
  • Design improvements for existing products
  • Create a package offer of existing products
  • Give a new life to an older product etc.

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