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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan

In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner.

Money Management Action Plan
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Task Management Actions Plans  

Task Management Actions Plans


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Task Analysis Action Plan

This Task Analysis Action Plan is created for work managers who wish to make sure that tasks they approach are properly planned, designed and supported in all terms. With a help of this action plan you can know the following:

  • Analyze environmental conditions;
  • Analyze task workforce and resources;
  • Analyze task management requirements;

Task Breakdown Action Plan

This Task Breakdown Action Plan is designed for the workflow managers who need to cope with task decomposition practice. With a help of this Action Plan you will learn the following essentials:

  • Task Breakdown Management;
  • Task Breakdown Analysis;

Task Completion Action Plan

This Task Completion action plan will help you to organize the workflow at completing any task. With a help of tips explained in this action plan you will know the following:

  • Task Completion Planning;
  • Putting the Task Execution on track;

Task Decomposition Action Plan

Task Decomposition Action Plan is created to help you in planning your work. With a help of this action plan you can learn how the task can be expounded for performance, especially:

  • Decompose actions;
  • Decompose resources;

Task Duration Action Plan

Managing the duration of tasks is an important aspect of effective project time management. Read the following Task Duration Action Plan to find out how to plan, estimate and track task duration. The action plan includes such categories as:

  • Plan before Estimating.
  • Estimate Task Duration.
  • Control Task Duration.

Task Estimation Action Plan

 In this Task Estimation Action Plan you will read about popular methods and techniques for estimating tasks by cost, time, quality and performance. It will helpful for project managers and planners. The Action Plan includes such categories as:

  • Use the Base and Contingency Technique for Estimating Tasks by Time.
  • Use Historical Data and Experience for Estimating Tasks by Performance.
  • Use the Delphi Technique for Estimating Tasks by Quality.
  • Build a Breakdown Structure for Estimating Tasks by Cost (the Three-Point Technique).

Task Environment Action Plan

This Task Environment Action Plan is created to assist you in learning and examining the environment where your task is going to take place. With a help of this action plan you can study the following:

  • How aggressive the environment is;
  • How supportive the environment is;
  • Neutral factors included into the task environment;
  • And much more;

Task Evaluation Action Plan

This Task Evaluation Action Plan will be helpful to everyone who manages projecting of tasks and wishes to know if they are fully ready to enter the performance process. With a help of this action plan you can study the following things:

  • Evaluation of task budget, timeline, scope;
  • Evaluation of task performers’ approaches;
  • Evaluation of task resources and location;

Task Force Action Plan

Task Force Action Plan is created to help you in creating a group of employees to work together upon specific and clearly defined task. With a help of this action plan can check the following areas:

  • Motivation;
  • Workforce;
  • Technology;
  • Support;

Task Mapping Action Plan

This Task Mapping Action Plan is designed for project managers and planners. It describes how to create a task map for a project in four steps. Here’re categories of the action plan:

  • Task Mapping: Overview
  • Prepare a Project
  • List Tasks
  • Structure Tasks
  • Design Maps

Task Modelling Action Plan

Although a typical task is the simplest and the smallest piece of work, it’s often hard to define this task and its content. Every task has a range of attributes such as objectives, time-frames, resources, budget etc. Use this Task Modelling Action Plan to learn how to develop a task model. The action plan includes these categories:

  • What is a Task Model
  • Why Create Task Models
  • How to Create Task Models

Task Observation Action Plan

This Task Observation Action Plan is a guide helping managers to carry out task supervision and monitoring. With a help of this Action Plan you can study such sections:

  • Reasons for Observing tasks;
  • Planning Observation Procedure;
  • Observation of Task Performance;

Task Order Action Plan

A task order is a document describing a statement of work (SOW) to be completed by a contractor under certain requirements. The following Task Order Action Plan gives a list of key steps for creating such a document. Here’re categories of the action plan:

  • Define Scope of Work
  • List Tasks
  • Identify Inputs
  • Identify Output
  • Set Performance Standards

Task Planning Action Plan

Use this Task Planning Action Plan to learn seven key steps for planning daily tasks and activities. In this action plan you will find a number of questions that guide you through the planning process. All the questions are divided into the following categories:

  • Define Tasks
  • Commit Resources
  • Schedule Tasks
  • Prioritize Tasks
  • Categorize Tasks
  • Define Reporting Rules

Task Prioritization Action Plan

This Task Prioritization Action Plan will be helpful to everyone who wishes to improve his skills and knowledge in daily prioritization. With a help of this Action Plan you can get tips on the following:

  • Task Prioritization Techniques with examples;
  • Tasks Prioritization Plan;

Task Qualification Action Plan

Higher performance of tasks requires the best employee to be assigned to those tasks. This Task Qualification Action Plan explains how to evaluate and choose the best employees by using task qualification criteria, such as:

  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Attitude

Task Report Action Plan

Reporting on tasks within a project is one of the key duties of a team working on that project. The following Task Report Action Plan describes a range of task attributes to be included in a typical task report. For convenience, in this action plan all the attributes are gathered into groups, such as:

  • Description
  • Timing
  • Cost
  • Resources
  • Workflow
  • Risks
  • Performance

Task Reporting Action Plan

This Task Reporting Action Plan is designed for business owners, directors and other kinds of work managers to assist them in creating a system of internal corporate controls, including:

  • Matters to be reported;
  • Excellence standards;
  • Reporting procedures;

Task Saturation Action Plan

This Task Saturation Action Plan will help you to prevent and beat the reasons and symptoms of task saturation which seriously endangers business success and effectiveness. In this action plan you will learn:

  • About Task Saturation;
  • Symptoms of Task Saturation;
  • Tools to fight Task Saturation;

Task Supervision Action Plan

The task supervision and performance Action Plan outlines the steps used in helping a supervisor or a group leader to undertake task controlling and monitoring. The supervisor Action Plan shows the employee the direction on the tasks and allows discussing the ways to improve task performance.

The task supervision and personal leadership Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Give clear instructions and check understanding for tasks
  • Feedback to employees
  • Problem Solving

Task Training Action Plan

If your employees cannot efficiently do their tasks, perhaps it is time to think about the necessity for using special task training practices that help teach employee to work better and reach higher performance. The following Task Training Action Plan includes such categories as:

  • Task Training Steps
  • Task Training Methods.

Task Performance Action Plan

It is generally assumed that better task performance means higher project development or process progress, because task performance is a causal link between phases and stages of a project or process. The Action Plan for improving performance helps initiate a project or start a process, and characterize their progress.

The task performance improvement Action Plan consists of the following categories:

  • Preparation
  • Discussion on the first meeting
  • Conduct following meetings

Task Update Action Plan

This Task Update Action Plan is a helpful guide through conducting task revisions connected to some internal or external changes. This Action Plan includes the following information:

  • Reason why the task must be updated;
  • Task settings to be updated;
  • Changes connected to update;
  • And much more…

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