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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan
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Evaluation of quality level  

Evaluation of quality level


For the evaluation of product or service quality, certain quality model is required, as well as instruments and measures for evaluation. The model allows to get an abstract representation of an object. This assumes that QA Department determines quality model as a structured set of quality requirements. Good quality evaluation should be taken to get an extra precaution to ensure the successful completion of the project. The issue of defining quality measures to be applied to the evaluation of a product or business process takes a central role of QA Department. To get a high level quality control, QA Manager should take care about standards and measures to be chosen to meet the requirements of the project and exploit good experience. The values that come from estimating the quality characteristics will allow to consider the quality level and decide whether the quality control is comprehensive and efficient. The process of the evaluation can be broken down into three phases such as planning, tracking and reporting.


While planning phase, QA Manager is responsible for searching methods and instruments for selecting and introducing quality evaluation indicators. To add indicators for evaluation he can use Custom fields in VIP Task Manager which allow to apply formulas and various types of variables. The plan should be based on appropriate information about current situation with the quality assurance and control. The evaluation methods should meet the standards and requirements of QA policy within the enterprise. VIP Task Manager helps to plan the process of evaluation and define the quality level according to the chosen indicators. The functionality of Custom fields allows to compare various indicators, make calculations and define the target quality indicators for a product/service. The indicators can vary depending on obtained methodology and QA Policy. For example, QA Manager can define the group of indicators according to the ISO 9000 methodology .


While tracking phase of the evaluation process, QA Supervisor controls and monitors task lists of Test Engineers and informs QA Manager of ongoing status. QA Supervisor takes care about the following tasks:

  • Checking if QA information is accurate
  • Checking if the information is up to date
  • Checking if authorities and responsibilities are assigned properly
The aim is to make sure that current activity of QA Department corresponds to the planned policy of quality assurance. This task list can be added in VIP Task Manager. QA Supervisor can also use checklists to track the evaluation process. VIP Task Manager allows to monitor task lists of all involved in the process employees by receiving notification messages in Notification Panel or on email. For instance, responsible employee performs the task "Gathering customers' requests" and attach requests to the task or a request per task. It can be tracked with Notification panel, and QA Supervisor can control how many request (attachments) were gathered, who made the last change and what is current task progress.


While reporting phase of the evaluation process, Test Engineers provide reports to their Supervisor. All report documentation is collected with the purpose of analyzing how the evaluation process was conducted. QA Manager and QA Supervisor hold meeting and discuss the measures of quality. This is the last phase which is also helpful for gathering information for learning lessons. It enables to initiate all future projects with much more chances for success. VIP Task Manager allows to build graph and HTML reports on the tasks related to the evaluation. HTML report can include general information on the tasks, (Titles, Dates, Status, Priorities, etc.), assignments, history, attached files/links names. Graph report can be built with several charts such as Linen, Pie, Bar, Area and Column


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