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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner.

Money Management Action Plan
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Sales Management Sales Follow-up  

Sales Management Sales Follow-up


CentriQS Sales Management Solution

CentriQS database 'CRM for Sales' lets your sales force work with leads, opportunities, contacts, accounts, quotes, invoices, orders and other aspects of sales management and automation. CentriQS allows both storing customer data and analyzing it with help of Pivot grids, charts views and dashboards.

Despite the fact that the sale is already arranged, competent sales person won’t stop on delivering the product and receiving the payment. The seller should let the customer feel the importance of his/her satisfaction at bought product and its delivery for the sales company. If the follow-up process is not organized and doesn’t have debugged customer relationship management system, some problems may appear.

Forget to assure that everything is Ok

Among great number of sales deals that the manager works with at the moment he or she can forget to make sure that the product is safety delivered in time, properly installed, the client obtained full information about its usage, etc. At first glance, nothing terrible happen. But if the seller tries to establish rapport and long-term relationship with the client, such oblivion is unforgivable. It’s extremely important to demonstrate the care of customer’s satisfaction.

Procrastinate with solving the appeared problem

If some problems appear, it’s very important to react upon them quickly and effectively in order to demonstrate your competence and care about caused harm to the customer. It’s possible that the problem solving should be assigned to definite person who is capable to cope with it. If there will be any procrastination while informing required resource, the customer’s loses may increase and sense of regret will appear. In order to avoid unpleasant impression about the company the sales person must have the ability to quickly delegate required actions to certain employees and be sure that they are notified about them at once.

Miss some new outlook or sales

It is a quite possible situation that while following up the sale the seller discovered some additional customer’s needs or found out some more directions for further work. So, the seller should ask the customer if he/she needs something else to buy. It’s extremely important not to forget it while following up the sale, otherwise there may be missed additional sales and money loses.

Obtained information should be properly identified, organized and stored in order to become of use in the future. Moreover this data must be kept in such a way that it will be easy to track it any time and quickly find the material of any limitation. Without centralized customer information database the company may miss new opportunities and opening short-term or long-term outlook.

Approach the client vainly

It may happen that the customer didn’t manage to apply the product he or she bought, so it’s evidently that this customer won’t have need for it again in the future. For example, some company purchased several licenses of definite software. If it isn’t used in their work, they won’t buy any additional licenses any more. By approaching this client once more, the seller will simply waste his/her time. The only solution for such cases is to get statistics about the usage of sold product while following-up the sale.

Perfect solution

The problems mentioned above are actually not as terrible as seem, if you use a specific sales force automation tool that is designed especially for the needs of sales managers and departments. VIP Task Manager software is the perfect sales tool that has all required features to lighten the sales process and avoid problems that may be faced during each sales stage.

When the order is placed the seller can create a new task to assure that everything goes right and assign it to the most appropriate person. It’s also possible to set a reminder for this task. When it’s necessary, the resource who this task is delegated to will get a pop-up message reminding him/her to approach the customer and inquire about possible problems.

If the product is not delivered in time or is in improper condition, you can quickly create a new task describing the problem and assign it to the person who is capable to solve it. He or she will immediately receive the notification and will be able to work at once.

The seller can set a reminder to ask the customer whether he or she wants something else to buy. So, the company won’t miss the opportunity to arrange additional sales deal.

VIP Task Manager allows to enter and store any new information about the customer and his/her needs. Any new contacts and purchase directions can be recorded in VIP Task Manager database and tracked any time in the future.

In VIP Task Manager you can keep the statistics about the usage of sold product in order to approach or not this customer next time with the same product.

So, VIP Task Manager can provide you with all required functions that you will need to arrange profitable sale deal, satisfy both parties concerned and establish friendly long-term relationship with the customer.

How to use VIP Task Manager for following-up

  • Start VIP Task Manager
  • Create a new task group “Contacts”
  • Create a new custom fields, for example “Contact information”, “Contact type”, etc
  • Create a new subgroup “After-Sales”
  • Create a new task to inquire if the customer is satisfied with the product he/she received
  • Enter the values of task custom fields

  • Set a reminder to pop-up at required time when it’s necessary to contact with the client
  • If something is wrong, create a new task and assign it to the person who can settle the situation
  • Create a new task and set a reminder to it to ask the customer about some additional needs that he or she may have
  • If you obtain the information that may become of use in the future, create a new task and enter the data in task notes section
  • Store the information about sold product application and use it in the future
  • Track the information when you need it, print it out if required

The first stage of Sales Management Process - Prospecting

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