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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan

In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner.

Money Management Action Plan
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Internal and external audit  

Internal and external audit


Organizations which have never performed internal and external audits, which have never introduced various QA and improvement programs, or which do not suspect they have gaps in quality and in conformance with the Standards, will face the problem of poor quality, bad services and unsatisfied customers. In order to avoid these troubles, QA Department should carry out the function of audits and take control over quality of products and services. The benefits the enterprise gains while implementing audits are as follows:

  • Timely identification of gaps in conformance with the Standards gives more time for correction
  • Consistent and continuous practical experience of audits allows QA Department to get the real situation with the quality of products and services
  • Efficient audits allow to prevent a decrease of quality and poor customer satisfaction
  • All materials from previous audits can be used in future external and internal checks


QA Manager is responsible for planning audits activity. He provides focused audit methods to comply with the standards of quality. QA Manager has the following tasks:

  • Plan the methods for assessing the effectiveness of the auditing activity
  • Develop the schedule of works
  • Assess conformance with the Standards
  • Introduce opportunities and offer recommendations for quality improvement

Planning of auditing activity requires from QA Manager a good experience and high level of professionalism to make reasoned judgements and offer practical recommendations. H e identifies internal and external measures of quality control to adjust QA management system. QA Manager can use VIP Task Manager to plan his action list and develop the schedule of works. The software allows to assign task lists to involved employees, define task due dates and display tasks in Calendar view. To assess conformance with Standards, QA Manager can use custom fields in VIP Task Manager which allow to apply formulas for various indicators.


When plan of auditing activity and recommendations from QA Manager has been produced, this material goes in the work of QA Department, and QA Supervisor takes responsibility to track the auditing activity. QA Specialists get task lists to perform audits. The task lists should be prioritized, have deadlines and assignments. Supervision of audits has the aim to control the way the audit goes. During the auditing activity QA Supervisor monitors and tracks task lists of QA Specialists to ensure that the auditing procedure meets the requirements of the developed plan. By using VIP Task Manager QA Supervisors can use Task Tree view to track and control the auditing activity. This view allows to represent the auditing procedure as a project and perform it in accordance with the project management rules. VIP Task Manager allows to watch the task lists of QA Specialists and receive email notification messages on the current progress.


When the auditing activity is done, the next step is to build reports. QA Specialists build reports on the completed tasks, and send them to their Supervisor. The reports show how the audit was performed and allows to propose recommendations for improvement of quality control arrangements and development of the plan to put these improvements into practice. VIP Task Manager allows to build task reports which contain detailed information on task performance such as date started and date completed, task history, names of attached to the task files, assignments, comments and notes. The report can be built in HTML or text format. For example, QA Supervisor can create task "Build HTML report" and in the task field Notes specify what task parameters should be included in the report (let say General, Assignment, History, Attachment and Custom fields). Then QA Specialists will know the report structure and format they should build.


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