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The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Sales Management Overcoming Objections  

Sales Management Overcoming Objections


CentriQS Sales Management Solution

CentriQS database 'CRM for Sales' lets your sales force work with leads, opportunities, contacts, accounts, quotes, invoices, orders and other aspects of sales management and automation. CentriQS allows both storing customer data and analyzing it with help of Pivot grids, charts views and dashboards.

One of the important stages of sales process is overcoming objections. Sales people gather potential customers’ objections, work them up and find the ways how to overcome them. If the company doesn’t have well-organized system that allows to gather and store any required information to overcome prospects’ objections, it may face such problems, as following.

Lack of objections’ archive

When the sales manager is preparing the presentation for the prospect, he/she should try to take into account all possible objections that the client may have. Sometimes it’s rather hard to guess beforehand what kind of objections each particular customer may have. The only way is to learn it from the previous experience. When the seller receives certain objection from the certain prospect, he or she must record it. As different customer groups may have different objections, it is important to know what objections belong to what kind of prospects. It will help the sales person to plan his/her actions against each customer while making the presentation. Moreover, each seller should have the possibility to draw on the experience of other colleagues and learn the objections they met with. Lack of debugged centralized system that allows to register and store the objections per different customer’s groups will make difficulties for the seller and the company to arrange successful sales deals and increase their productivity.

 Lack of objections archive

Difficulties with choosing the best objection’s solution

Some objections may have several ways to overcome them. In one case the seller could use one solution for this particular objection, next time he/she might apply another one. In one of these cases this solution may be more effective that in other and should be taken into account.

So, it’s important to keep statistics of successful and less successful use of different objections’ solutions, otherwise the sales person may find it difficult to choose the most appropriate way to overcome certain objection.

Repetition of objections’ processing

It often happens that a large number of prospects have the same objection. It’s unreasonable for sales manager to handle it each time separately and work out the solution that will help to overcome this objection. The seller just wastes his/her time by accomplishing recurring task. It’s more rational and effective to develop one solution and use it each time when it’s necessary. Recurring objection should be delivered to marketing department and they must create some solution that will help to avoid any questions concerning it at once. If the company doesn’t have the system of storing and tracking the objections, its employees will be constantly doubling their efforts on solving the same problems.

Difficulties with choosing the best objection's solution Lack of objections archive

Absence of thought-out tactics during the presentation

Objections that may appear vary according to their complexity. If it’s difficult to give solid arguments and overcome particular objection, sales manager should build his/her presentation tactics in such a way to avoid the possibility of raising such objection. And vice versa, the sellers often provoke the potential customers to some objections that can be easily and clearly overcome. Both cases must be thought over beforehand, otherwise it’s easy to get confused.

purchase order software

How to solve all problems

The best solution for all problems that may appear while gathering and processing the prospects’ objections is specialized database sales software . It can serve a centralized sales data management system that allows the company to manage the sales process, store any required information, particularly prospects’ objections and their solutions.

Such sales software is VIP Task Manager. VIP Task Manager is a powerful tool that has all required features for managing all stages of sales process, organizing company’s work in order to increase its profits and decrease time and money loses.

VIP Task Manager allows to create the list of particular prospect’s objections that each seller experienced, and group the objections by prospect categories. In such way sales person will have the possibility to determine what category current prospect belongs to and to learn what objections he or she may face. Having this information beforehand the seller will be able to avoid the objection or will be ready to react upon it properly.

When the objection is processed, the solution about its overcoming can be entered into task notes section or into separate custom field assigned exactly for this purpose. Any time in the future the list of objections can be tracked and required solution can be found and used for further steps. It’s easy to keep the statistics of successful or not successful solutions that will help the seller to choose the most effective one next time.

In VIP Task Manager objections can be easily sorted and abundant ones can be grouped in order to develop general sales tactics to prevent similar objections in the future and save manager’s time. It’s easy to create a task devoted to making some objection’s solution and assign it to a certain manager from marketing department.

The seller can track the list of possible objections and build his/her presentation tactics in such a way to provoke the prospect to give such kind of objection that the sales manager waits for and can effectively overcome.

As you can see, VIP Task Manager sales software can help you to organize your company’s work and manage both overcoming objections and all other aspects of sales process.

How to use VIP Task Manager for overcoming prospects’ objections

  • Start VIP Task Manager
  • Create a new task group “Prospects”
  • Create a new custom fields, for example “Customer type”, “Result”, “Objection solution”, etc.
  • Create subgroup “Prospect 1” and enter this prospect information into task group custom fields
  • Create subgroup “Objections”
  • Create new tasks describing objections that this particular prospect had
  • When the objection’s solution is developed, it can be entered into ‘Objection solution’ custom field
  • Enter the values of the rest of its custom fields
  • Objections can be easily tracked any time when it’s necessary
  • You can create subgroup and all abundant objections assign to it
  • Set required filters, sort the objections if required, print them out or export to Excel

The first stage of Sales Management Process - Prospecting

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