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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan
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QA Documentation  

QA Documentation


QA Department should document tasks and processes raised during its activity. This allows QA Manager to review and utilize these tasks and related documentation in a productive manner. In addition, this valued information can be helpful in the future by giving insights to issues that have been resolved already. The function of documentation assumes the processes of digitizing, cataloguing, storing and preserving all documents and related materials raised during the activity of QA Department. This function is necessary to store workflow documents and retrieve them anytime it requires to initiate a new project or a process in QA Department. The goal of the documentation function is to document all processes within QA Department. All data collected during a process are gathered and documented. When a process is finished, the documents are moved to archive and can be restored anytime for future usage. For example, let's see how this function is applied to the process of test ing a product.

Verification and validation

Before beginning the test ing, QA Department conducts verification and validation. QA verification process is a preventing mechanism aimed to find potential failures in the project documentation before the test ing begins. It involves discussions, reviews, examinations, etc. QA validation process occurs after verification. This process is aimed to approve functionality, standards, calculations, and solutions stated in the specifications, requirements and other documents.

Test Case document

An example of QA document is a test case. Test case is a document of QA Department that describes action or event and expected result to define if features of the product work properly. Test cases help reveal problems in the requirements or design of the product. It is useful to prepare and plan test cases beforehand on the initial phase of the project life cycle if possible. For a typical project, the test case may contain some particulars such as the following:

  • test case identifier
  • test case name
  • objective
  • test setup
  • input data requirements
  • instructions and steps
  • expected results

This is a common structure of the test case. It can vary depending on the enterprise specialization and project context. The employees involved in the planning of test cases can use VIP Task Manager to create detailed list of actions. For example, QA Supervisor can create a task group "Test case #A" which would contain such tasks as "Setting test case identifier and name", "Setting test case objective", "Test setup", and other. All required documentation can be attached to the tasks as files or links.


During the test ing process, QA Department conducts the inspection which is aimed to reveal a problem or bug, report it but not to fix it. QA inspection is one of the most cost effective approaches of project quality, especially software development projects. The numbers of employees involved in the inspections vary but usually one moderator, one reader and one note taker are necessarily. All documentation collected during the inspection is used by developers and engineers. VIP Task Manager allows to create to-do lists for each of the employees involved in the inspection process, track their task performance and attach necessary documents to the tasks. The process becomes manageable and can be controlled by supervisors. When any task related to the inspection was added, changed or deleted, VIP Task Manager notifies assigned employees and supervisors by sending email messages with detailed description of the changes.

Building reports

Reporting is essential part of the QA workflow. QA Manager can analyze mistakes and achievement through the reports. Developers can find bugs and poor functionality by using reports collected from the inspection process. The documentation function assumes building report on tasks of the projects. In VIP Task Manager a report is text or HTML document which contains descriptions of all steps and actions an employee made during the project or process. The report can be customized and include only those item which the employee checked. For example, QA Engineer can build a report with such information as Due Date, Status, Priority, Assignment, Attachment, History and Custom Fields.

Storing task and documents in archive

When a project is closed, all project documentation should be safely stored and archived. The information contained in the documentation can be used in further projects and for learning lessons. VIP Task Manager allows to collect documents, attach them to tasks and archive documented tasks of QA Department activity. The software has built-in archive mode. QA Manager can use this mode to move all competed and verified tasks with attached documents to archive. VIP Task Manager has filter that enables to find a document by task name, ID, assigned resources, owner, due date, and other. In VIP Task Manager QA Manager can use the filter, find all completed tasks and move them to archive by right-clicking on the selected tasks and choosing "Move to archive" menu option. To move documents to archive QA Engineer can attach the documents to a task as file and move the task to archive. VIP Task Manager securely stores all tasks and documents in archive mode. It provides each user with protected account which makes the software more reliable and safe.


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