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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan
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Employee management system  

Employee management system


Employee management system is a computer-based tool that enables organizational supervisors to transfer their controlling functions into virtual environment where they can reach more agility and productivity due to reducing paper-based informational turnover, while enabling more of dataflow to move through rapid electronic channels. Each supervisor wants to be sure that he takes everything under control so even the smallest matters cannot be left in a “dead area”. For this purpose it is necessary to ensure that selected  software suits each of supervisor’s specific needs and local workflow traits. The main tasks and purposes covered by effective  projects are the following:

  • Planning individual tasks and objectives for employees;
  • Enabling employees to report their tasks and objectives;
  • Controlling performance of employees’ individual tasks and objectives;

The conceptual elements

There are lots of descriptions on the Web, but usually a person who is not very sophisticated in IT, may experience problems with selection of a proper solution. Let’s consider some of the basic elements:

 Database – usually this element is a program’s central databank where all the workflow and employee-related matters are recorded and systematized. All the necessary information is inputted into and retrieved from this database at a proper time. 


  • Information – this is about a manner of how informative flows are spread over the staff structure and how each of employees is connected to the shared virtual environment. Usually it is a client-server technology when each of team members is provided with individual workstation (PC + client application installed) and connected to the shared database providing him with relevant information. 
  • Report – this is an electronic template (interface) enabling employees to control, report and document their own tasks and objectives. As soon as all workers are connected to the same employee management system they can get the necessary communications with their superiors who can delegate them assignments in a form of understandable to-do lists and traditional working calendars.  


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Employee management system

Technologies used in  that system:

Usually such systems are installable applications produced by commercial developers, but also there are some different kinds. For example, some applications provide employee management system open source capabilities that mean modifiability of their program code, so that users sophisticated in software development can use them to produce their own solutions. Besides this, there areonline solutions which work via web-based interface, so that they can be accessed by organization’s employees working in different locations of the world; this makes such a system advisable to virtual teams carrying out some projects in international format. 


Specific example of employee management system:

VIP Task Manager is a client-server multiuser solution making it easy to plan and control employee tasks allocated among duties of office-based personnel. This tool features three agile interface modes allowing to plan and control employee task and objectives – Task Tree for project-oriented way of tasking, Task List for listing tasks on a spreadsheet, and Calendar to see workloads and events mapped out on a task grid. This tool is supported by different  documentation including textual and video tutorials, solutions and articles. Right now you can make  free download of trial copy (30 days) from this web-site. After this package’s download you can immediately request for free guidance from its qualified Support Service.


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