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The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Employee scheduling software reviews  

Employee scheduling software reviews


Employee scheduling software is one of the most popular solutions in various companies. Employee scheduling software reviews and analytic articles point out one interesting fact: almost 60% of the small business companies prefer using this kind of staff management software while the rest companies are oriented on using complex ERP systems. This fact proves the importance of employee scheduling solutions for small businesses which often cannot afford spending much money on complex ERP systems.

In this connection, the comparison and critical analysis are needed for small business companies. Such companies need to analyze benefits of one or another program to find the software of choice.

To choose the best employee scheduling software for your small business, you need to consider three key factors, such as Operating System, Commercial/Free, and Desktop/Online.

  1. Operating System. There are three popular operating systems: MS Windows, Apple Mac and Linux. Each of the systems can be used in small business organizations. Programs for Mac and Linux compatible solutions are not so widely used in contrast to Windows compatible solutions. If in your company Windows OS is installed on most computers and laptops, then your choice will be obvious. Remember that you should choose shareware packages taking into account OS used in your company.
  2. Commercial/Free. The next factor is about the commercial or free basis. There are free online tools that you can download, install and use for free and commercial Windows/Linux/Mac based solutions that are often available for free download yet require payment for licenses. As a rule, commercial solutions are more powerful comparing to free/open source packages that frequently offers poor features and options. You should choose between the commercial basis and the free basis considering the budget you have and the scheduling needs of your company.
  1. Desktop/Online. If you want your employees to use a web browser for scheduling and managing tasks, then obviously you can choose web based employee scheduling software. But web based solutions require active and fast Internet connection and regular fees. Desktop open source solutions do not require any fees, can be used both locally and remotely, and provide you with safe and fast database management tools. Perhaps, desktop solutions will be best for your small business.


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Employee scheduling software reviews

VIP Task Manager is desktop, Windows-compatible, 30-day free software for planning, scheduling and tracking employee tasks and jobs. The software is best for managing personnel activities in small business organizations. Your small company will benefit from using this desktop solution that successfully competes with online solutions.


VIP Task Manager can be used for free during 30 days. It is a shareware solution that you can download from this website. During the trial period you can evaluate VIP Task Manager for free. You will have enough time to compare VIP Task Manager with other solutions, for example employee scheduling software Excel solution and Google tools.



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