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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan
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The best employee scheduling software  

The best employee scheduling software


It would be very hard (or probably impossible) to define a single best employee scheduling software product, as there are too many of different requirements declared by users and there are no products which can satisfy all of them at once, while particular samples can prosper in specific segments, covering certain requirements better than competitors do. Let’s consider some examples of these requirements and how they can be covered with specific software example – VIP Task Manager (that was recognized by independent experts as one of the best shareware on the Web, 2010).

Requirements applied to employee scheduling software for small business:

  • Simplicity in use: As the most of users working in small business segment usually don’t have enough of free business time to master some complicated products, and also normally they don’t actually need some complicated scheduling functionality, a really software product is what they seek for (providing them with the basic features enabling them to plan tasks for employees, vacations, working shifts, time-specified workloads, etc);  


We can mention VIP Task Manager as a striking example of a small business staff management software product because it is really easy in use, mastering, adjusting, and administration. It has all the basic features which a small business may need – sharable and agile Task List, Task Tree and Calendar modes to outline business tasks and employee schedules;

  • Freeness: As far as small business managers are usually quite limited in capabilities of their IT budgets they hope to find the best free software in order to economize. Even through a great plenty of employee scheduling software freeware tools available on the Web it could be really difficult to find something truly useful as normally even the most capable samples of free packages can be seriously weakened by disbenefits such as lacks of professional support service, regular updates, a big number of “bugs”, etc; 

Fortunately VIP Task Manager is not an example of freeware employee scheduling software, but it is sold at very moderate prices (which are friendly to small & medium organizations), it provides free trial version (full-featured without any limitations), tons of useable tutorial materials, and free live-chat support service;

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The best employee scheduling software
  •  Customization: As far as there are a great variety of different industries where small business companies work, the best employee scheduling program for them is a one which would be capable of getting easily adjusted (customized) to fit their specific needs in the best possible manner, so that they can use essential and habitual business terminology in their programs. For example, small restaurant management software should be able to set working shifts and calculate working hours of waiters, cooks and cleaners;

Owing to capabilities of VIP Task Manager you can mildly adjust the program to use your own custom task attributes, job names, departments, task categories, workflows, and other essential matters making your business profile unique and specific. You can examine this flexibility and easiness just right after the software download that can be done from this web-site. Besides these 30-days free downloads, this product offers online demo-tours and it is supported by effective free live-chat and email services. 


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