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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan

In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner.

Money Management Action Plan
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Tracking insurance agency tasks  

Tracking insurance agency tasks


Filtering tasks within insurance agency's workflow
Periodically insurance agents need to concentrate on certain part of their work (for example on tasks related with certain clients, certain types of insurance or on certain type of tasks, ex: telephone calls to prospects for today, and so on). For example if insurance agent want to see all prospects that he/she has in database, or to know what on-site inspections are planned for this week etc. In this case it is necessary to filter tasks by some attributes or category. VIP Task Manager allows insurance specialists to filter their tasks in the way that will ensure best viewing and tracking of working plans. Filter panel of VIP Task Manager is a tool that helps insurance supervisors to control the team and individual tasks. Filters can be used for all modes of VIP Task Manager(Task List, Task Tree and Calendar). With a help of VIP Task Manager insurance agents can:

  • customize their view to see only required tasks
  • control productivity and disclose problems
  • filter tasks by value of any attribute (by statuses, by priorities, by due dates etc.)
  • filter task by category, task group, project or project stage

Reporting about state of task completeness 
Each task or type of tasks, within insurance agency, may have special workflow (consecution of statuses where each status reflects the stage of task performance) and insurance agents need to report about their performance to supervisors periodically. For example status of claim - submitted, investigation, paid-out etc.  In VIP Task Manager each task has a set of statuses that each task can move through from its creation to completion (ex: Created, In progress, Completed, Cancelled etc.). Another important attribute that can identify task progress is "Complete" - it is the grade of task completeness in percents. Together, these two attributes can show the milestones within task performance and measure task progress.
With a help of VIP Task Manager insurance agents can:

  • give different statuses to their tasks in order to identify current state of fulfillment
  • give different statuses to prospects, clients, documents
  • modify standard workflow (set of statuses), create unlimited number of custom workflows
  • track completeness of tasks
  • set and modify dependence between statuses and grade of completeness
  • send automatic notifications to supervisors when status changes
  • verify or cancel tasks by choosing appropriate status

Identifying overdue tasks
If some tasks within insurance workflow are overdue or close to due date, it is necessary to make such tasks should be evident and noticeable. For this purpose VIP Task Manager features the mechanism of color-coding overdue tasks. For example if task is procrastinated (task has exceeded timelines) it will be marked out with orange color. Moreover, users can set different colors of tasks depending on time left before due dates of tasks.
With a help of VIP Task Manager insurance agents and their supervisors can:

  • instantly notice procrastinated (or close to procrastination) tasks with a help of automatic highlighting
  • know exactly how much time is left before due date of each task
  • change color-coding of periods before due date

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