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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan

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Money Management Action Plan
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Project Task Management Solutions  

Project Task Management Solutions


Project task management is a very essential element of the project management discipline, because it stands for realization of project objectives and outputs in real life environment through completion of tasks according to project plan and timeline. Every task should be properly described, appropriately assigned and clearly explained to performer, planned through setting a number of parameters including qualitative and quantitative measurements which will be used for task progress control and results evaluation.

Project task management software
Project task management software facilitates planning and controlling of tasks within projects by providing significant capabilities:

  • Recording and describing tasks with all necessary details and attributes
  • Organizing and scheduling tasks as parts of bigger project
  • Collaboration between project participants through assigning, sharing, reporting and controlling tasks

Project task management software delivers appropriate benefits to project managers as well as to project performers and stakeholders – managers can easily plan and track tasks, performers can easily receive and control their working plans, stakeholders can supervise project progress. Client-server project task manager software, deployed in your office, interconnects everyone in your project team by common rules and means for collaboration – all team members get necessary electronic tools to plan, report and control tasks in agreed terms and according to their roles. Project task manager software allows workflow participants to manage all necessary parameters and tasks that ensure successful achievement of project goals – to allocate workloads and responsibilities among team members, and control their performance as well as entire project evolution – completion of project tasks with regard to their time metrics and costs, quantitative and qualitative indicators.

Types and capabilities of project task manager software:
Project task management system is mostly a groupware – software which provides a group of project participants with instruments for collaboration (sharable to-do lists, calendars, project timelines, documents and project schemas) and communication (project notifications and messaging) towards achievement of their common objectives, including managing project tasks.

There are different kinds of project task management systems and different technologies used for driving these systems – there are lots of project task management web services which support collaborating through project task management php dynamic web pages (in other words through the low speed networks) and there are high speed network project task management systems which client/server technology is much more reliable than web-based products, because it gives you more possibilities for administration to assure better security of your data.

Also all web based project task management services, in spite of their potentially wide capabilities for customization, have a number of essential disadvantages – for example critical dependence on Internet connection (its availability and quality), questionable informational security and low transaction speed of online project task management servers – so you should think three times before to entrust your project information to such a web project task management system that can appear inaccessible at any moment. Usually these systems can be used through monthly or annual paid subscription, but many of them provide also free project task management accounts with limited capabilities.

Software used for management of tasks includes various project task manager freeware. This kind includes any project task manager open source tools – software with program code accessible for modification and customization by any person who possesses appropriate skills in software programming. Usually project task management open source solutions are used as basics for development of some commercial tools and have a great number of different plugins created by enthusiasts from all over the world. The main disadvantage of such project task management free solutions is also their doubtful security – you cannot be really sure of working stability and safety of all these plugins freely distributed on the Web.

VIP Task Manager is client-server project task management software that allows users to work both within their LAN and through the Internet. It allows project tasks planning and controlling through using different adjustable modes (timeline, calendar, task tree, to-do list). Multiple users can login into system and simultaneously work at individual and joint tasks. This software allows composing and sharing project task management templates, analyzing performance of your workgroup in order to identify project evolution, costs and team efficiency.

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