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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Calendar Collaboration Software  

Calendar Collaboration Software


Calendar collaboration application is a computer-based tool that enables multiple people to share their working schedules to update them in real-time regime. Such a collaborative program works by linking users at calendar collaboration server that is a central point interconnecting teammates working within one office premise or from remote locations over the Internet. Let’s consider some capabilities and technologies used by calendar collaboration software, with a help of specific example – VIP Task Manager. This calendar collaboration application stands for the following principles:

  • Online calendar collaboration – with a help of this program you can plan, track and update your calendar in real-time regime, so all your teammates can stay online over the Web or your LAN. Nobody can miss any schedule updates as every user can:
    • Receive update notifications (informative tickets to follow-up changes);
    • Display updated information on Calendar (with customizable time grid);
    • Display calendared information in Task List (to-do list) and Task Tree (WBS) views;
  • Calendar collaboration sharepoint – this program uses client-server technology to keep all users connected to the shared source of information – corporate database which contains essential time-related data which is always up-to-date. Calendar collaboration server is a central element that secures the database and maintains all data management transactions to reach calendar collaboration sync between multiple client workstations (client applications). 

Calendar collaboration software (analogues):

If to speak about calendar collaboration online capabilities, then there is always a plenty of on-line collaborative tools (web-based solutions) that are easily extendable (you can easily add or remove user accounts) and can be reached from any places over the world through the Internet connection. These systems usually require annual or monthly payments, and provide you with possibilities for synchronization with some popular Internet systems (for example Google calendar collaboration). 

Calendar collaboration open source solutions are programs that enable you to modify their codes to let you develop your own software solutions (using their basic platform and algorithms). Such systems can work well for people who are highly-skilled in software development and therefore for organizations with powerful IT-staff that can develop their own corporate solutions.

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Calendar Collaboration Software

Outlook calendar collaboration solution is what can greatly serve needs of many companies, but to establish such a system you need to buy and install Microsoft Exchange Server (to turn MS Outlook into a multi-user solution to share tasks with your team). This fact, along with necessity to buy personal licenses of MS Outlook for every user in the group makes calendar collaboration Outlook solution quite expensive for small and middle companies. 

VIP Task Manager is a groupware which has in-built capabilities for collaborative task and time management. This is not a calendar collaboration free tool, but a commercial solution which doesn’t need buying any additional software, servers, modules, etc, but this is a complete ready-to-go software that includes both client and server components within one setup file. 


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