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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan
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Calendar task management  

Calendar task management


Calendar task management

Calendar task management is a combination of task and time management techniques that help do tasks always on schedule. That software supports these techniques and helps you organize your tasks and teamwork, create calendars of work and group schedules, share daily duties with colleagues and delegate powers, and many other options. The list of features and functionality is rather large, but the main idea of such software is to assist you with managing tasks, time and employees.

You can review a number of solutions, and sometimes it is really hard to understand what type one or another calendar task management software solution belongs to. However, all solutions can be classified by the following types:
By technology:

  • Online – this type is based on Internet technologies that offer opportunities to manage tasks and collaborate online by using internet browsers. When you use online software, you keep all your tasks and schedules on a web server, and your colleagues can use internet browsers to access your tasks. For example, Google calendar task management software offers simple yet effective solutions to manage to-do lists and design calendars. But if you need to manage workflows and projects, Google Calendar and analogous online task management packages won’t satisfy your needs.
  • Client-server c – probably, this type is one of the most effective solutions for managing tasks. It is based on client-server technologies and provides users with tools to design schedules and calendars, manage tasks and workflows, track employee performance and project statuses, and communicate and collaborate in real time.

By usage:

  • Daily t – it is designed to help manage regular tasks, action plans and recurring tasks that are created and finished from day to day. Daily task manager software is quite simple, and its functionality meets the basic requirements for managing daily routine. Functionality of daily task management software is sufficient to help you manage simple to-do lists and tasks. Frequently daily task manager is used by personal users.
  • Weekly – this type has advanced functionality to plan, manage and track medium-term and long-term tasks. Weekly task management software allows creating work schedules and task calendars for the upcoming week or the next month. Weekly calendar task manager is usually the best choice of project teams.

Calendar task management software by VIP Task Manager
VIP Task Manager is client-server software that includes great functionality to manage daily and weekly tasks, run strategic planning, schedule events, create calendars of work, and customize workflow. The software is designed to meet the greatest expectations of those people who use daily task management software to manage simple to-do lists, weekly task management software to plan future events, and online package to collaborate with colleagues in real time. VIP Task Manager creates a centralized database on a local server and users can access it through LAN or Internet. The software offers a set of free daily task manager solutions, checklists and templates that can be downloaded and used for free within 30 days.

VIP Task Manager is desktop task management software for Windows that can be referred to the several types mentioned above. It is advanced task management software still very simple in use. It can be used both as a standalone product and as a task management system; for personal use and as a team task management software. It has task tree view for project management, scheduler view for calendar management and task list view for GTD management. It is perfect for LAN and also optimized for Internet access. It can be tested for free within 30 days and many users tell us it is the best task management software.

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