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Task Assignment Solution  

Task Assignment Solution


An ability to make task assignments to one or several employees in accordance with work plans and expectations is crucial to organizations to be competitive and profitable. When you want to initiate a new project or process in your organization, you will need to carefully think out and develop task assignment sheets which are documented plans of jobs and tasks to be assigned to and performed by a group of employees.

Often sheets are used by project managers and team leaders as basic components of complex project task assignment and scheduling plans.

In order to create, follow and report your sheets, the listed plan of actions will be helpful:

  • Discussing forms. You can start with holding a meeting with employees to discuss forthcoming activities concerning your new project. The purpose of the meeting is to familiarize employees with your expectations and avoid (or at least minimize) the amount of misunderstandings and errors regarding the first steps of your project management. The meeting results in your readiness to create tasks and share forms.
  • Using templates. Templates are bricks to design todo lists, task lists and job forms. Templates usually include tasks and jobs to be performed to complete a typical project. You can use templates to fill the content of your new project with tasks, assignments and jobs quickly and efficiently. Templates let specify time characteristics of tasks (such as duration, due date, finish date, start date etc.), so they are used to build schedules, project timelines, and work calendars. After you have created forms by means of templates, you can launch your project.
  • Following job sheets. Successful completion of your project can be achieved if task assignment sheets are followed as expected. You need to track tasks to always be aware of how they are performed by employees, and take immediate actions after any problem is detected. In your sheets there should be milestones (checkpoints) that show you when the next audit of task performance is planned to occur.
  • Reporting work sheets. At the end of your project it is recommended to make an analysis of project results to find out what goals have been achieved, within what deadlines, and what resources (human and financial) have been used. Such an analysis entails creation of task assignment reportsthat show whether your staff assignments were successful and uncover mistakes made during the course of your project. Those reports can be built in a graph view (like charts and diagrams) and a document view (like text files and HTML files).

To benefit the maximized utility and efficiency from your actions concerning staff assignments, you will need to use tools of task management software. Such software helps create, follow and analyze worksheets and build reports. VIP Task Manager is a great example of task management software.

This software solution has Task List tool to make single/multiple assignments, Task Tree tool to manage project trees and work hierarchies, and Calendar tool to schedule tasks and build timelines. These tools let make task assignment with unknown duration and pre-defined duration, so you can better plan your projects and allocate tasks.

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