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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan
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Task management freeware vs. shareware  

Task management freeware vs. shareware


The question whether you need to choose task management software freeware or task management software shareware generally depends on your readiness to spend an amount of money on tools that help organize your life and work. Most conversations of users are about the price of software solutions. Sometimes, users think that free task management system gives more benefits than shareware does, and they consider the price as the primary factor to choose free software. Below you can find information that shows you benefits of both shareware and free software and helps you understand free and commercial solutions better.

Free task management application is free software that gives users solutions to create, manage, track and report tasks, schedules and projects. Free applications can be developed for different devices and platforms. Usually, free software applications are divided into the following kinds:

  • Free desktop task management software
  • Free online task management systems
  • Free mobile task management systems (ex.: free task management Blackberry)

Today you can find many websites that offer free task management apps and free task management tools which are expected to help you organize your life and work. While surfing such websites and trying to download any free software solution for task management, you should always remember about potential danger (spyware and viruses) and make sure you download a software solution but not an executable file that launches a spyware module or a harmful script.

Multiple free task management software reviews usually point to one and the same benefit of free software: users can get it for free, without any investments and fees. Below you can review more benefits that free task management program gives:

  • Free download and use. No regular fees or one-time payments.
  • Free personal task management software is applicable to management of simple tasks when a user needs to access his/her tasks from different computers.
  • Free task management application open source software contributes to sharing ideas, code, and innovation.
  • Free web task management software will be convenient for testing purposes or for managing temporary, one-time and outsourced projects. Such software is insecure and unreliable as it can violate privacy and users can lose private data.

Task management shareware is a popular choice of many users who prefer testing and evaluating a software application for task management before making a purchase. Shareware is a kind of marketing methods that allows software developers to distribute and promote their shareware products in an efficient way. Shareware for task management gives users real opportunities to ensure current software product fits their needs.

Free task manager shareware is not necessarily 'worse' or less functional than traditional commercial software, which can be found in stores, catalogs, and other places where people usually buy software. Shareware for task management lets users try it during an evaluation period (usually it covers 30 days) to test its functionality, options and usability. Users can enjoy shareware before purchasing it.

On the whole, task management shareware gives the following benefits:

  • An excellent way for developers to distribute and promote their shareware solutions via Internet and CD/DVD disks.
  • Users can easily download a copy of shareware for free from Internet. Developers can protect their products by copyright laws.
  • An opportunity for users to try and evaluate full functionality of shareware before purchase.
  • Users can refuse to evaluate shareware any time within a trial period.
  • The more customers who pay a developer for using a shareware product are, the more likely the developer will continue improving its product and offering new updates.
  • Support service for both trial users and existing customers.

An excellent example of free team task management shareware is VIP Task Manager . This product uses a client-server platform that supports user collaboration and data sharing in real time. The task management shareware is designed to help you manage tasks, todo lists, teamwork, schedules, and projects.

VIP Task Manager is available for free evaluation and testing. You can download a copy of the shareware from this website. You can also download free task management templates and free project task management checklists that will help you organize yourself and your employees.

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