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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan

In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner.

Money Management Action Plan
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Free time management tools  

Free time management tools


Time management practice is a thing that all we need to adhere in order of being more productive and to get on well with all the things we need to accomplish. There are different methods to manage our time, but all of them are based on one vital requirement – we should know our work very well, so that we can create a good plan and control it to complete everything in a step by step manner. Of course, creating a good plan is a skill that we can master only through regular practicing it. There are a lot of tools which can be used by beginners and professionals to pattern and guide their attitudes. For example, you can use free logs (journals) to track content of daytime spent to be sure that business time wasn’t wasted without proper sense. This article is dedicated to essential things which can be found on the Web to help you in mastering, practising and advancing in time management theory and practice.


Methodical materials:

Good beginning of anything is starting with studying its theory right from the basics. There are lots of complete methodologies on time management explained in paid or lessons and books (such as GTD), along with dozens of standalone tips which are dispersed among specialized web-sites all over the Internet. The basics you need to master are abilities to formulate your objectives, to vision the path towards these objectives, to formulate actions which will bring you to desirable goals, prioritization of your goals and tasks, etc. You can master the main part of these basics via doing exercises that can be found as appendixes to some specialized lessons or tips. Time management is a smart practice that can be implemented on business enterprises to boost up productivity of personnel via optimizing working attitudes of every individual, and as a result to maximize positive effect earned from a better using available business time, so it would be great to organize some kind of trainings and guidance on this theme for your employees.

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Free time management tools

Practical materials:

One type of the most widespread tools which can be found on the Web is task templates that can be used for facilitating some usual time management activities. If to speak about business use, you can find a lot of job sheets that are used to frame up timetables that are applied in organization to control working time of employees. Another variant is free time management calendars of different scale – Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly calendars where you can record deadlines of your commitments and events to see when they are due. Also there are free time management charts that are used for prioritization, so you can group you tasks there according to their urgency and impact to avoid wasting time on thankless things, while rather focusing on valuable activities. Actually there are dozens of different free time management forms, including electronic ones comprising functionality of appropriate software products. You can find a lot of computer-based tools enabling you to create free time management worksheets and to share them with your co-workers, so that to reach a better working coordination and awareness. Let’s consider a powerful product that can be used for business time management:

VIP Task Manager is a multi-user instrument which can be used for composing, delegating and sharing schedules in real-time regime. This product is not free, but a commercial one offering moderate prices and simple technologies friendly to users from small and medium companies. You don’t need buying this software’s functionality by pieces or modules, but you get all the possible capabilities with one purchase. It is supported by free materials and support service – for example you can watch presentations to evaluate its functionality, and also you can benefit from free tutorials and trial version (30 days).



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