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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterpriseís ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan
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Online vs. Desktop time management software  

Online vs. Desktop time management software


Your life is measured by time. Day and night give only 24 hours for everyone. An additional minute or hour cannot be rent or purchased. But you can save your time and use it more efficiently, and online time management software as well as desktop time management software will help you do so. You should be ready to use any of the software solutions to manage your personal and working hours and find ways for saving this valuable resource. But what software should you use to organize your working hours in the best way? This article will help you understand both online and desktop solutions, and at the end of it an example of desktop shareware is given.

Online time management systems allow using Internet connection and web browsers to access web-based services and tools that help you plan and spend your timeworking minutes better. For examples, Google system allows you to use your Gmail account to access web todo list and calendar tools. You can create event lists, schedule tasks, build todo lists, set reminders, and share your tasks with other Gmail users. Other online tools offer similar functionality, and it may seem that such systems are quite convenient and will deliver perfect web based solutions to you. However, letís see the other side of online packages.

Firstly, live Internet connection is required because you are unable to access any online system without using Internet. Secondly, interface options and usability of web based software are not as good as we may expect, because most of us are accustomed to using contextual menu and Windows-native interface tools. Thirdly, you store your tasks and diaries on remote web-servers, so you have to trust web based tools with your private information. Fourthly, in case you use a commercial online system, you need to make regular payments and fees for web services; otherwise, you are denied to access your tasks and use time management online tools.

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Desktop time management systems allow using both Internet and local network connection to access time management tools. Such systems are convenient providing you with powerful time management solutions locally on your office or home computer. In your office, you can use desktop time management software to plan your working hours as well as collaborate with your colleagues and management. LAN can be used to establish connection between desktop users who can access one and the same database and share information. Desktop time management software has a user-friendly interface and convenient options for customizing and using time management tools. When you use desktop time management software, you do not have to make regular fees because there is no need to use web services. All your private information and work documentation are kept locally on your corporate server.

Desktop time management systems offer you more benefits and advantages. In order to be convinced that desktop solutions are usually better than online solutions, you can try to use any web based free solution and then switch to a desktop solution. Most likely, you will feel the difference and make your choice in favor of desktop time management software , such as VIP Task Manager.

VIP Task Manager offers powerful time management tools that allow you to plan, schedule, do, track and report your tasks and daily activities. This desktop software uses client-server technologies that support user collaboration and information sharing capabilities. You can evaluate VIP Task Manager for free within 30 days.


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