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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan
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Time management at work vs. at home  

Time management at work vs. at home


If to speak about the difference between time management (TM) at work and at home, there is no principal difference actually, as far as in both cases you operate with that precious and unruly resource called “time”, but the main existing difference is within your mind, meaning your approach. Usually people neglect personal life thinking that they can easily cope with their home life anyway, while TM at work deserves more accurate attention. This false opinion comes from the fact that time management at workplace is directly related to your business results, and it is easier to feel outputs of time management at work through probably higher pecuniary success or your better performance. However, time management at home is an important thing as well, because correct time management in personal life makes you more satisfied, more confident of your possibilities and goals, more accurate with your resources and, as a result, more successful at your work as well. Let’s consider some examples in business conditions along with tips that refer to using special software.

Types of TM and potential role of the software:

  • TM in teams: it is a particular theme that refers to situations when a team of people engaged into common project or working activities have to follow a shared approach. The peculiarity is a need to meet each role’s and each person’s specificity while planning workloads to reach equal and even allocation of assignments, to avoid schedule conflicts and to get the best conditions of productivity for everyone.

When dealing with teams, special software can be used for increasing awareness of team members of expectations assigned to them (work planning) along with attaining better control over performance of these assignments in terms of preset plan (work tracking).

  • TMin organizations: it is very similar to time management for teams, but it is a more complex thing because time management in organizations implies administering labour collectives which may include a lot of groups. TM in workplace within an organization means composing employee timetables and timesheets along with setting supervision over their performance to know if employees undertake their responsibilities successfully.

When you have to administer time in organizations, special software can be used to replace all paper means for time management in the office, as an instrument to set proper discipline within the staff and to interconnect all levels of organizational hierarchy in terms of establishing common approaches of time management.

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Time management at work vs. time management at home
  • TM in project management: this kind refers to all types previously described, because time management in office of a project combines both organizational and team approaches along with adding some own specifics. Successful time management in project life along with successful budget management creates overall project success.

Special software can be used for creating and sharing project timeline, for establishing accurate control over time-related resources given to the project, and for making sure that project plan is performed according to preset milestones and other checkpoints.

Specific example of software for time management:

VIP Task Manager is easy-to-use teamwork program for Windows with three interactive templates (Task List, Task Tree and Calendar) that enable you to manage business tasks and projects in terms of time, to assign tasks to employees, to plan working time, schedules and control team performance in real-time regime. This software can play a significant role for your personality development (in other words it can be successfully used in a single-user regime), as well as for time management in groups (in multi-user regime). 


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