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Time tracking freeware vs. shareware  

Time tracking freeware vs. shareware


Time tracking is one of the management activities to monitor and manage time usage. There are two types of software applications that help perform this activity: shareware and freeware. It's important to recognize the difference between both solutions and their benefits if you want to choose cost-effective software for time management. In this article we’ll try to give definitions for both freeware and shareware and see what benefits you can derive from using each of the solutions.


Time tracking freeware is a computer software program for time control and management available for free download and use. It’s often called " open source packages."

 Shareware is a computer program available for free download and use during a certain period. Time tracking shareware is a software application for time control and management. It has a trial free download edition that you can use for free during an evaluation period (e.g. 1 month).

Both solutions are usually distributed through Internet, and examples can be found by using the web search (Google, Bing, Yahoo!).


Using time tracking freeware gives you the following benefits:

  • Possibility to download and use your copy of open source freeware for absolutely free.
  • No limits in the number of users who can try open source freeware.
  • If your example of open source tools is popular enough, you get an opportunity to use add-ins and add-ons developed by third parties.

 If you use time tracking shareware, you’re likely to gain the next benefits:

  • An evaluation period that lets you try your copy of shareware for free prior to purchase.
  • Better functionality and higher usability as compared to time tracking open source freeware.
  • Great support service provided by developers of time tracking software free shareware.
  • Regular updates and feedback.
  • Possibility to make suggestions regarding future updates of time tracking free software shareware.

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Time tracking freeware vs. Time tracking shareware

Although both solutions offer almost the same number of benefits, it seems that time tracking shareware is better. Why? This is because there are several critical disadvantages of freeware that can make your time management effort inefficient. First of all, freeware is not so often updated comparing to shareware. Secondly, most time tracking open source software solutions don’t have features and functionality included in shareware solutions. Thirdly, in case you have any troubles regarding functionality of open source time tracking freeware, most likely you are left alone because developers aren’t interested in providing support and giving advice. Additionally, it’s worth saying that sometimes those solutions have hidden spyware and annoying built-in advertizing modules that make you feel unsafe and uncomfortable during the working process.


A great example of time tracking free shareware is VIP Task Manager. You can try this program for free during 30 days. An evaluation copy is available at this website.

VIP Task Manager is a multi-user software application that combines functionality for planning, managing, tracking and reporting tasks, projects, and time. It allows using to-do lists, schedules and templates to organize workday.


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