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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprises ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan

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Money Management Action Plan
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While the company purchases some product or materials it’s extremely important to have a good system of order forms creating and tracking. If there is no such system or it’s poorly built and organized, a company may meet problems that cause extra costs and procrastination such as following:

 Absence of perfectly drawn up form

When appropriate supplier is found and approved, it’s time to place the order. If the order form is not arranged as official, numbered document that clearly details the customer’s requirements, it may cause some problems in future concerned with variance of delivered goods to originally described company request, terms and time of product delivery, its method and freight, mistakes with product quantity, etc. If the order doesn’t include detailed description of purchased product and its delivery conditions, it will be difficult for the company to prove supplier’s guilt of this fact and correspondingly return company’s losses concerning it.

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Correctly worked out order form is a guarantor for both parties to fulfill their commitments, otherwise there may be different misunderstandings and material and time losses.

Useless duplicating of recurrent orders

If the company purchases the particular product from the same supplier for a long time, for example every three months, it’s very inconvenient and useless to describe the product, conditions of delivery and price each time when there is a need in it.

As it is a recurrent task, it should be automated in order to avoid waste of time and efforts that may be used more productively.

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Lack of timely information

If the order form is placed for the first time, it may require revisions and may be returned to the purchasing department for some changes. After being corrected it is again sent to a head of purchasing department and so on while it is not approved. Each time when order form is changed there may be a delay if the corresponding team member is not informed about it.

When the order form is approved, the responsible employee should be timely assigned the task to accomplish the purchase without any delays.

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Multiplying the procrastinations in each possible situation, company gets great losses of time and therefore costs.

How to solve many problems at once

In order that poorly organized ordering form doesn’t reduce to zero all previous efforts of finding the suppliers and selecting the best of them, it’s better to use special purchase ordering software software that can help to accurately draw up a purchasing order form and avoid forgetting any important details.

Such software is VIP Task Manager. VIP Task Manager is a perfect tool that allows to organize the ordering process properly. There are all required features to create documented ordering form that will contain detailed description of purchased product, accurate list of both parties’ commitments and responsibilities and clear financial report for future audits. Formed with the help of VIP Task Manager ordering form will be able to serve the guarantee of successfully realized purchasing operation.

When created order form undergoes any changes from any part, everyone who is interested in it will receive immediate notification and be able to react upon it.

As you can see, using VIP Task Manager software to organize your company’s ordering process you will avoid waste of time, money and energy, and be able to draw up the order form correctly, to guarantee the purchase and delivery of right product at right time.

How to use VIP Task Manager in your Supplier and Order management process

  • Start VIP Task Manager
  • Create a new task group “Purchasing” and its sub-group “Orders”
  • Create your own task fields for “Orders” task group, for example “Price”, “Discount”, “Delivery Terms”, etc.
  • Create a new task, e.g. “Product 1”
  • Enter required custom fields’ values for this particular order
  • Enter product description, quantity, etc, into task notes section
  • If it’s required attach any files to the task to have additional information about this order
  • Assign this task to a appropriate employee
  • Change task completion if the task is changed and set “Verified” status when it is approved
  • If this product is constantly purchased, make the task “Product 1” recurring, for example once a month when there is a need to order the product again
  • Print out the order form and append representative’s signs

The first stage of Purchasing Management process - Delivery

Groupware applications

  • VIP Task Manager is synchronous groupware for task management. This client/server software allows planning, scheduling, sharing, tracking and reporting tasks, appointments, projects, and any company activities. Authorized users can simultaneously access the common database through Local Network (LAN) to see, add, edit and delete their team or personal tasks, if they are granted appropriate permissions.

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