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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan

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Money Management Action Plan
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Making the Sales Management Presentation  

Making the Sales Management Presentation


CentriQS Sales Management Solution

CentriQS database 'CRM for Sales' lets your sales force work with leads, opportunities, contacts, accounts, quotes, invoices, orders and other aspects of sales management and automation. CentriQS allows both storing customer data and analyzing it with help of Pivot grids, charts views and dashboards.

During the presentation stage of the sales process the sales manager visually demonstrates the product and its benefits to the prospect’s needs. It’s a key step that may determine the future sale result and suggest to potential client whether offered product is worth to be bought. So, in order to get positive prospect’s answer, the seller should be well-prepared to the presentation. If there are no favorable conditions for that, he or she may face some problems.

Insufficiently considered presentation

As the presentation phase is one of the most decisive moments of the whole sales process, it must be carefully well thought-out and planned. The presentation should have individual tactic character towards each particular prospect. Every client is special and has special needs and wishes that should be taken into account during the presentation preparation. If the seller wants to foresee all possible situations that may appear while addressing the client and avoid stumbling and confusion, it’s really necessary to prepare presentation scenario. This scenario depends on the information received while approaching the prospect. So the key direction of presentation may be outlined at the same time when the seller gets the information about the prospect. Without well thought-out scenario, it’s very low probability that potential client will become interested in offered product.

presentation stage of the sales process

Lack of To Do List

In order that the presentation goes off smoothly, everything must be well-organized. The required equipment must function properly, the screen should be set, presentation materials have to be prepared and so on. In the chaos of great number of different tasks some of such organizational questions may be easily forgotten. And the smallest detail may ruin the effect that your presentation should create and in that way can make negative impression upon the prospect. To ensure that everything is taken into account and there will be no troubles during the presentation, the seller must create To Do List that includes all tasks concerning the preparation to the contact.

Sales Management Presentation

Recurrent mistakes

If the sales manager did’t obtain desired result despite the forethought scenario and absence of organizational problems during the presentation, it may mean that he/she made a mistake somewhere. If there is no possibility to track previous train of thought he/she has done while preparing the presentation, next time the seller will make the same error. So, it’s very important for raising the level of manager’s skills and increasing company’s success to track the actions made at the presentation stage.

the presentation phase

Simple solution

The problems that we described above can be easily avoided with the help of specific sales software that allows to perform and control all stages of sales process, including making presentation. Such software is VIP Task Manager.

VIP Task Manager is the powerful sales force automation software where you can create complete scenario of your future presentation and even program appearing automatically tips under different answers of your client that you receive while approaching. By keeping developed scenario in your laptop in front of your eyes during the presentation you will avoid confusions and feel more self-confident.

Moreover, create To Do List of the tasks that should be done in order to have everything ready for presentation, set reminders to these tasks and you will certainly not forget any organizational details that can mar your listeners’ pleasure of presentation.

After the presentation you can easily track its scenario once more and if there were any mistakes in your previous reasoning or plan, you can discover them and try to avoid in the future. Make reports on the work you've done by printing out the tasks or exporting them to Excel.

So, as you can see by using VIP Task Manager you will be able to develop proper solution, successfully represent it during the presentation and convince the client that your product is really what he needs. VIP Task Manager will help you to save significant part of your time while preparing the presentation.

How to use VIP Task Manager for making the presentation

  • Start VIP Task Manager
  • Create a new task group "Prospects"
  • Create a new custom fields, for example “Question ID”, “Prospect’s answer”, “Presentation point”, etc
  • Create a sub-group, for example “Prospect 1”
  • If the question that you want to ask brings a row of next questions, its better to create a sub-group with the name of this question. For example, you ask the client if he is married
  • The questions, that may follow the first one, assign to this task group. In our example, if the interlocutor is married, you need to ask whether he has children, how many, etc and at the same time you can jot down the points of your future presentation. If he is not married there is no sense to ask him about the children and you can simply omit the questions assigned to this task group
  • For each question variant you can programmer the reasonable presentation point. In our example you can enter following formula into the ‘Formula’ entry filed of custom field ‘Presentation point’

iif( $cf_question_id=2, iif($cf_prospectsanswer>=3,1,2), iif($cf_question_id=1, 4, 2) )

  • Use this scenario when you prepare to the next presentations, just duplicate task group “Prospect 1” and make required changes
  • Create a To Do List of organizational tasks that must be done before the presentation
  • Assign them to required resources and set reminders to these tasks, if required
  • Track and analyze your scenario to learn possible mistakes you could do
  • Group the tasks, set any required filters and print them out or export to Excel

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