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The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan
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Quality assurance department staff  

Quality assurance department staff

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The staff of quality assurance department may vary in different organizations. It depends on the organization's speciality, industry, policy and other aspects. However there are several job positions which are common to any quality assurance department. They are as follows:

1. QA Manager (Director)

Being appointed as a Manager of quality assurance department is very important. QA Manager is obliged to keep control over the department and take strategic decisions. He ensures that his department operates at the highest standards, complies with the relevant corporate rules, satisfies quality requirements and that it attends to basic tasks of quality control appropriately. The role of QA Manager should be focused on the client satisfaction and cooperation with subsidiary companies in the initiating and maintaining projects and quality standards for the project management. The primary tasks and duties of QA Manager are as follows:

  • Arranging and coordinating meetings and interviews with the department employees
  • Analyzing current project standards, researching external methods and combining them with the experience of quality assurance standards to further improvement as guardian of client interests
  • Operating as a communicator between the business needs and the technical implementers, providing both with a framework to enable successful quality control
  • Ensuring the technical solutions exactly match the QA standards
  • Developing and maintaining QA Department for resolving project and design issues
  • Allocate test budget
  • Finding ways for preventing and minimizing potential losses
  • Communicating effectively with all employees of QA Department

2. QA Supervisor

QA Supervisor is Test Manager whose main goal is to track and control members of quality assurance team on a continuous effective working process. He is obliged to review, track and improve quality standards of products, processes and procedures across the enterprise and to ensure that the highest standards of quality management are met thought testing. The area of responsibilities of Test Manager is covered by the following major points:

  • Managing, training and reviewing the needs of the quality assurance team
  • Promote cooperation between test engineers
  • Planning and setting quality standards which are measurable, realistic and achievable
  • Maintaining and improving upon all quality records and ensuring good document control
  • Maintaining and improving an effective internal audit system
  • Cooperating where required with process and raw material technical areas
  • Responding to customer, audit or any appropriate issues

3. Test Engineer

Test Engineer is a QA specialist who has the primary goal to ensure the quality throughout a product/service life cycle and provide appropriate customer support. Test Engineer must have a reliable set of skills and abilities in order to move flexibly among multiple projects, testing operations and processes within QA Department. The following tasks and responsibilities are intended for Test Engineer:

  • Understanding the entire development of the project and how it fits into goals of the enterprise
  • Testing and executing test cases effectively within test deadlines
  • Working with technical team and/or developers
  • Maintaining an up-to-date knowledge about industry activities and advancements, through self-study and professional training
  • Developing and maintaining communication in a professional manner with all levels of staff
  • Performing the duties needed to support quality control at the highest level- Preparing completion reports in a timely manner

QA Department resource list

CentriQS allows to add QA employees in common Users list of the department. The application has Resource List view which allows to register an employee with specifying their details, such as Name, Job Title, Email, Phone, Address, and other. Once an employee is added in the Resource List he gets personal access to the common database of QA Department.

Resource List view enables creating roles and assigning them to employees in accordance with their duties and tasks. For QA Manager you can create the user-name "QA Manager" and set unlimited access to tasks and folders in the database as he is the head of QA Department. For QA Supervisors you can create the user-name "QA Supervisor" and define the access which is based on his permission level.

CenrtiQS allows to set supervisor to tasks and so enables to control task progress by receiving task notification by email or within the program. For QA specialist you can create the user-name "Test Engineer" which will is privileged with the lowest permission level and allows to watch/edit/create/delete only those tasks which are strictly permitted by administrator.

  • Create a centralized database for managing human resources and workflow at QAD
  • Systematically track tasks and monitor employee performance
  • Add various documents in the database
  • Build task reports on quality improvement
  • Schedule tasks for internal audit and compliance adherence

CenrtiQS simplifies the process of decision-making through clear vision of the workflow at the department. The more clearly the manager can control and analyze the workflow of the quality assurance department, the more proper and correct decisions he is able to make.

Quality assurance Department functions and workflow


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