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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan
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PHP task management  

PHP task management


What is PHP task management?
In general, PHP is a scripting language originally designed for producing dynamic web pages, widely used to create web applications, and it can be embedded into HTML. PHP task management software is primarily a web based tool written in PHP. Usually such applications are used to assign and control tasks via Internet. The method is especially convenient for managing "virtual teams", because people from all over the world can access one system through the Web and collaborate at their tasks.

Advantages and disadvantages:
As it was mentioned, PHP task management systems primarily are web-based – this means these applications are accessed through the Internet and their interface can be seen and used only through a web-browser. Basic functions include tasks planning, prioritizing, scheduling, assigning, reporting and controlling. Often, those applications are open-source and positioned as freeware, but usually in practice this is not completely true. Let's list and explain some of the main advantages and disadvantages of open source packages.


  • Virtual team management when we talk about project "outsourcing" it is necessary to say that many of project participants may be freelancers from some remote locations – for example from other cities and countries – actually they may work in any point of the world. That system is what can help to plan and coordinate their work, because it is very easy for them to sign-in task management PHP web-site to see and report tasks from any place where Internet access is available. User accounts can be easily created and deleted when participants leave a project.
  • No specific setup required – one of the main advantages of task management software PHP is that there is no need to install and configure some additional applications, you need just to have some Internet browser (like IE 10) that is used to work with interface of a web-site.
  • Working from different OS – usually some team members, especially if this is a virtual team, may prefer to work with different OS – Windows, Mac, Linux etc. Collaborating through PHP task management tool can help to overstep this problem, because proper application for task management in a format can equally work for different systems as far as it uses unified web-means.

Disadvantages of PHP task management software:

  • Low speed of performance – users of task management software PHP web-sites very often complain about low performance speed of such systems. This means that users have to wait for a long time when they apply changes or retrieve information. This happens because of low client-server response speed that is influenced by Internet connection quality as well as overloading of transit & end web servers.
  • Considerable chances to lose your data – usually PHP task management software implies recording and managing your project data in databases placed on remotely located servers that are serviced by specialists unknown to you. In other words accessibility and security of your data is entrusted to people and circumstances that you cannot control.
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  • Questionable application security – the majority of PHP task management open source software is supported with different free plug ins which are created by volunteers and enthusiasts from the Web, on unpaid basis. Usually security and quality of these applications aren't guaranteed and properly examined, so qualities of such plug ins as well as of such PHP task management open source systems stay doubtful and you cannot say for sure if their program code doesn't include some malefic fragments or "bugs".
  • Hidden and recurring payments in spite of the fact that PHP task management open source software is positioned as free of charge – it may include lots of hidden payments. For example payments can be required for buying a multi-user server component, for buying version with better functionality and for buying support service. The most of PHP task management systems require periodic payments for subscription.

Alternative solution
VIP Task Manager – is not PHP task management tool, but it is designed to bring maximum of convenience to its users as well as to avoid all the disadvantages. This software ensures security and accessibility of your data, because it can be installed locally on your corporate server that is under control of your authorized IT specialists. This is commercial software with proven quality, and it is totally free of any hidden payments and recurring fees – you pay only once to buy the required number of licenses. This software needs installation, but this installation is very easy and can be done just in minutes – server component should be set on your local server and client components on computers of your team members.

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