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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan

In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner.

Money Management Action Plan
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Task Management Solution  

Task Management Solution


Task management is a formalized process of managing a personal or team task throughout its life cycle by means of to-do lists or task lists. Task management includes many activities to carry a task from its initiation through completion. Planning, tracking and reporting tasks are the main processes of task management.

In order to manage all aspects of tasks (time, assignment, status, priority, recurrence, reminder, notification, etc.), task management software is required. Software products that help manage tasks can be divided into the following types:

  • Task Mapping Software What is Task Mapping Software? Performing a task is like doing a path, and to do it successfully you need to map and navigate your road to be sure on where you are and where you are going to.
  • Task breakdown tools and techniques If you understand which task breakdown tools and techniques are best to use in your specific projects and programs you can improve the way you plan, implement and control project/program a
  • Task Duration Solution Task duration management is a practice embedded into the Project Management, because it is necessary for a project manager to accurately estimate and pre-plan durations of all tasks included into the project, as they
  • Product development solutions Product development solutions are computer programs that help carry out the process of investigating a product’s concept and launching this product. Product development solutions are
  • Task completion Managing task completion is a prioritized activity of supervisors and team leaders who require higher productivity and improved performance from their subordinates. Effective task completi
  • Task Training Solutions Task training solutions are designed to assist people in getting prepared to carry out their functions, as for some tasks it is necessary to get a course of introduc
  • Recurring Tasks Software Backgrounds for using recurring tasks software: Tasks management has some things that can be hardly represented using traditional paper means (notebooks, calendars, etc). One
  • Recurring task scheduler When you plan your personal work or team-based tasks, you may want to schedule regular and repeating jobs (like meetings, document submissions, system maintenance, business events, holidays etc.).
  • Task tools Task tools are special type of computer-based instruments used for managing different types of tasks (separate working elements, integrated work pieces, standalone jobs, etc) –
  • Case management solutions Case management solutions are computer programs for collecting, accumulating and systematizing an experience obtained during the business activities. The proposed unit of such a systematizati
  • Checklist management solution Checklist management solution (aka "checklist management software") is a computer application that allows users to make records and follow to-do items so users can efficiently p
  • Simple task management software and advanced task management software. Simple task management software provides basic functionality to create, schedule, prioritize, categorize, and filter simple to-do lists. Advanced task management software allows creating unique task parameters and task workflow statuses to customize projects and to-do lists according to users needs.
  • Task management tool and task management system. Often task management tool is a standalone software product that helps plan, schedule, prioritize, track, report tasks within a single database. Task management system allows integrate various tools into a unified solution.
  • Personal task management software and team task management software. Personal task management software is usually a single-user product for personal needs. Team task management software is a multi-user solution that facilitates teamwork and team collaboration.
  • Project task management software and calendar task management software. Project task management software presents tasks as a hierarchical structure. Calendar task management software displays tasks as schedules and agendas. Also things task management software or GTD task management software should be mentioned as it shows tasks mostly as a plain list (categorized or prioritized).
  • Online task management software and office network task management software. Online task management software (aka web based task management software and PHP task management software) stores all information on remote web servers and allows accessing tasks, projects and calendars through Internet. Office network task management software supports collaboration between office employees through local area network.
  • Task management software for Windows and task management software for Mac. Often these types of task management software solutions offer almost the same functionality to manage tasks, but task management software for Windows can be run under Microsoft Windows operated PC, while task management software for Mac is compatible with Apple Macintosh PC only.
  • Microsoft task management software and alternative task management software. Microsoft task management software includes a set of products default or additional to MS Office task management software: MS Outlook task management software and MS Project task management software, (sometimes MS Access task management software and MS Excel task management software are also used for that purpose). Still many users search for alternative task management software (for example, Google task management software, VIP Task Manager, etc.) because such products offer better functionality or user interface.
  • Task management freeware vs. Task management shareware. Free task management software (also called 'open source task management software') saves user's money but often doesn't meet user's requirements. That's why many users search for the best task management software that will fit their needs perfectly.

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