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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan
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Task management process  

Task management process


Task management process is an objective way of managing tasks. Task management process is also an activity which occurs on a regular basis and which has a certain purpose regarding the outcomes to be produced or achieved. The concept lets represent this process as a hierarchy of sub-processes which are logically ordered, and each of the sub-processes has a particular aim and results in achieving this aim. If being more specific, task management process includes four consistent sub-processes, such as planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and task reporting. Let’s review these sub-processes more particularly.

Planning is aimed at creating tasks and relates to designing and using schedules to plan activities to be assigned to employees within a working environment. This sub-process becomes essential since it allows creating and retaining scheduled process which means all assignments (tasks and jobs) of employees are planned and aligned with existing strategies. Task planning assumes applying task management techniques to building hierarchies of tasks which are often associated with to-do lists, agendas and action plans.

Executing is a sub-process of enterprise process aimed at performing tasks strictly following plans developed previously. Usually this sub-process is the longest one and typically it consumes almost all energy and resources. During the course of the sub-process, employees fulfill assigned tasks and jobs in accordance with task attributes (like due date, priority, etc.) and managers take care of creating and maintaining shared working environment in which all information required for executing tasks and jobs is available and employees can easily access it. The sub-process results in achieving planned goals or producing certain products.

Monitoring and Controlling is a sub-process aimed at stabilizing tasks and jobs and ensuring they are fulfilled in accordance with the planned and scheduled task management process. This sub-process is usually run simultaneously with the task executing sub-process to allow managers controlling job performance, tracking overdue tasks, preventing or at least minimizing productivity losses, and reducing an amount of idle time. The sub-process refers to task tracking and reactive decision making and results in generating and applying solutions that will help fix existing troubles, like performance imbalance, delays and procrastinations. Managers usually use visual task management tools and workplace task management methods to track, control and monitor tasks.

Reporting is the final sub-process in the logical chain of task management process. It is aimed at getting details on complete enterprise task management and documenting task management services that are provided. Managers need to collect reports that show whether planned tasks have been completed at full range. Managers can use criteria to measure success and find out if there are no outstanding tasks remaining. Reporting is a great opportunity to keep track of valuable lessons learned throughout the whole task management process. Itresults in creating final reports and submitting work work scope statements. All related documentation will be gathered, catalogued and archived in a shared database.
Task management process
VIP Task Manager is a task management software system that provides work groups and employees with flexible and effective task management tools for managing current and historic information associated with tasks, projects and schedules. This task management project software supports direct collaboration between managers, team leaders, and employees, so communication efficiency can be significantly improved and productivity can be increased. The main idea of VIP Task Manager is to provide users with a cost effective remote task management solution that allows planning, tracking, controlling and reporting tasks and jobs within projects.

Capabilities of VIP Task Manager allow you to create, duplicate and share templatesand examples between employees involved inworkplace task management. The software system uses a client-server platform that supports data sharing and remote scheduled management – users can access one and the same enterprise task management database simultaneously over local area network or Internet. The server component of VIP Task Manager can be installed on both Windows server and Linux server. At this website you can get an evaluation copy of VIP Task Manager to try task management services supported by this effective software system for free.



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