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The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan
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Task fulfilment  

Task fulfilment


Task fulfilment is a process that starts when some task has need and grounds to be done. In order to facilitate work at the task, to make it smoothly running, maximally efficient in terms of duration and costs, you need to create good background for those who fulfill and control this work. For this you need just to follow several stages that ensure successful task fulfillment. Let's take a look through these stages:

How to get prepared for successful task fulfilment?
Task estimation – before to start some work you need to estimate and calculate everything accurately to prepare the background for task fulfilment. Results of task estimation actually tell how much time, money and efforts should be applied to accomplish this task, and if this work is expedient at all. Normally, in any organization no work can be initiated without proper investigation of resources required and outputs expected, so any project task estimation should get through consideration and approval of competent decision-makers (they should provide their ultimate task resolution).   

Task observation – in order to ensure clearness and effectiveness of task setting in every aspect you need to make an all-round task observation that means involvement into task planning all competent persons who are engaged in process of task fulfillment. Task observation implies defining of the task scope and making the task maximally definite and clear for those who perform the actual job. Task observation form is a brief chart describing the purpose of the task, outlining action plan, and the main parameters of the task, including its budget and duration, so observer of this information can give his own task resolution including professional advice.

Task progression – when task estimation is agreed and approved, task observation is finished, and all task resolutions are taken into account – the task needs to go into actual working process, but before this, the conception of task progression should be worked out. Task progression means the method of measuring the work performance and it is closely related to task evaluation (controlling of work quality and outputs). Task progression can be controlled though the task achievement scale telling the milestones along with planned qualitative and quantitative indicators.

Task evaluation –regular task evaluation (task monitoring) is necessary for successfulness assurance of task achievements, and if some indicators do not satisfy the plan – urgent steps should be taken to disclose reasons and to solve problems. This process can be performed through task evaluation form which is used to compare estimated and actual parameters at certain checkpoints. This method is a part of agile task estimation when amount of necessary resources is calculated and corrected on the fly.

Task fulfilment software:
According to onrush of computer-based technologies the process of task fulfilment, including all mentioned stages, can be facilitated with a help of special software that can be used to apply the best task estimation techniques, to ensure task observation, to obtain shared task resolution, and to control task progression in all details along with providing proper monitoring of performance indicators for task evaluation.

Specific example of task fulfilment software:
VIP Task Manager is client-server software that can be deployed over your network just in several minutes. This product will help you to set estimated parameters for tasks, to schedule, assign and control any business tasks, so you can manage all your daily business jobs, processes and projects through the network of client applications connected and synchronized through the common database placed on your server, so work planning and performance information is always up-to-date and shared among multiple users, working within one office, or through the Internet. 

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