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Task orientation  

Task orientation


From one side, task orientation is a part of task management and it is aimed at optimization of task performance within groups of employees. From other side, it is a method of self-organization and it is aimed at development of personal abilities to do personal tasks and jobs according to expectations of an individual. A single understanding of this phenomenon can be created. This understanding is like the following:

  • Task orientation refers to developing positive abilities of individuals and groups to teach them to focus on doing tasks and jobs and resolving problems in the best way. Those employees who have the necessary abilities tend to clearly understand primary goals and expected results which are defined by managers in order to complete tasks timely and with minimum resources. Often task-oriented employees become members of groups that are responsible for organizing all employees within an organization. Those groups are very important for engaging employees and creating functional teams to run projects.

It is a complicated enough system that combines several components, including the following:

  • attraction – this is the primary component as it defines the power that inclines individuals or groups to do tasks and jobs. Often it is associated with work engagement which is aimed at engaging employees in doing tasks and at fostering appropriate attractiveness behaviors.
Task orientation
  • aversion – those employees who are inclined to do tasks may often feel aversion to jobs they are assigned to. The purpose is to understand reasons for employee unavailability to do tasks (often these reasons include physical and mental inabilities of employees to do a job).
  • avoidance – some employees can do tasks even if they feel aversion. Such employees show task avoidance behaviors which reflect their unwillingness to do tasks. Some reasons include low salaries, non-typical or unsuitable conditions of work, lack of rewards and recognition, etc.
  • facilitation – this component is aimed at assisting employees in doing tasks and encouraging their abilities. It is critical to foster productive, engaged and reliable workforce.

To keep your employees engaged, facilitated, and concerned, you need to track their tasks in order to detect any problems (like productivity loss, delays, idle time) and find solutions soon. There are software systems for job management and tracking, and VIP Task Manager is one of such systems.

VIP Task Manager is a client-server program for group collaboration that allows managing, tracking, controlling and reporting tasks and jobs assigned to employees. The software program helps you implement task orientation techniques to create and maintain productive and reliable staff members. You can use VIP Task Manager to form groupsthat will help you manage projects and processes. The software will help you find the right solution for the problem: "What is task attraction and how to manage it?"

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