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The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprises ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan
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Task Allocation  

Task Allocation

How to allocate tasks
in 3 minutes
How to allocate tasks with VIP Task Manager Professional

What is task allocation?

Let's start with giving a clear definition. Task allocation is the way of working process organization when responsibilities and workloads related to one task are distributed among different individuals and organizational units that perform own parts or portions of common work. We often resort to allocating tasks, because actually it is the background for collaboration at tasks. Of course how to allocate tasks correctly depends on multiple factors, especially on specificity of the task, but how to manage task allocation is quite another matter. Allocating tasks can be supported by special tools that can work for any organization and any kind of task.

Necessary functions:

Task allocation software is an instrument that can help managers in identifying work scopes and parameters, in dividing the entire work into parts and portions and assigning these loads to different performers, so they can be properly controlled during the whole task performance. It should help to manage the following areas:

  • Staff and organizational units – software helps in listing team members and identifying them as members of sub-teams (departments). This is necessary to get the list of resources which can be engaged into work through allocating tasks among them.  
  • Work break-down structure – of course, for task allocation software it is one of the basic functions. You are able to create hierarchy of work pieces, categorized and identified with own parameters, but belonging to the same root – the initial project with all its basic parameters.
  • Assigning work pieces to performers – in other words task allocation software allows creating individual and group agendas (lists representing jobs assigned to each of the performers). It should give the pictures of individual responsibilities on the shared project as well as general worksheet indicating progression and issues on allocated task performance.
  • Template – recurring tasks and projects are usual matters in life of any organization, so effective task allocation manager should help you with creating special templates to be applied every time when recurring task should be started from the very beginning, so managers wouldn't have to reinvent allocation of work responsibilities again, but rather use the optimal manner.
Task allocation software – technology and methods:
According to listed features, the best kind is that works through the client-server technology, because it ensures real-time planning, sharing and updating of job sheets, calendars, timetables and task break-down hierarchies. As one of the opposite examples we can mention MS Project task allocation – if there is no special Microsoft collaborative software installed, allowing multi-user data sharing – real-time task allocation among multiple performers is impossible. The main method that helps to allocate responsibilities and jobs correctly is providing all the team members with powerful set of instruments – to plan, to review, to categorize, to prioritize, to formulate, to identify, to assign, to report, and to control allocated tasks.

Task allocation with CentriQS software

CentriQS is a client-server enterprise-wide software solution that can be deployed over your LAN just in several minutes. This product will help you plan, schedule, allocate and control business tasks and activities.

You can manage all your daily jobs, processes and projects through the network of client applications connected and synchronized within common database placed on your server.

CentriQS simplifies work planning and performance information allowing you to keep your tasks always up-to-date and shared among multiple users.


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