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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan
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Task automation  

Task automation


We always aspire to make our life easier, so people always invent and design different facilities to automate different aspects of their life. Of course, the science (and art) of Management gives rise to everything, and influences all things we do, because nothing serious can be accomplished without proper planning, costs calculation and work organization. Task automation means the general facilitation and optimization of work management, giving background for accomplishing any work in shorter terms along with lesser amount of resources spent. It is performed through special methods and tools – today, it is task automation software that supports different aspects of job processing (for example, the processes such as identification, segmentation, differentiation, rotation and optimization). Let’s consider in this article all these aspects to understand how task automation is performed with a help of appropriate software.

Identification and differentiation

Work would be just impossible without task identification – it is complex process when task gets its scopes, goals, measures and description. Clear task identity is absolutely necessary for those who perform tasks and for those who control them. Task identification explains to performers what they should actually do, and for supervisors how they should control task performance. Software for task automation provides instruments for definition of work purpose , time parameters (start, target, due dates etc) and outputs (required quantitative results) , work quality , objectives (required factual results) and setting the task as a part of some greater project along with communicating this information to all work stakeholders – all this data can be stored and systematized within a database of automation software . Also, identification is essential for differentiation – there should be distinct parameters that make tasks unique, and capable to be categorized (for example task ID that makes a task unique or Status showing current condition of a job) – when some project includes numerous tasks it is just necessary to ensure proper differentiation in order to make all administrative operations easier (searching, monitoring, reporting, progress recording etc). In task automation software such operations can be performed incomparably easier and faster, than while using traditional paper means.

Task segmentation and optimization – break-down job into pieces and assign them:
According to task segmentation definition segmentation means dividing the entire work into particular parts or portions that can be performed one by one, or all at the same time by different performers. Segmentation can be considered as the method of task optimization – finding an optimal way of work organization to reach required results within maximally short terms along with the most reasonable amount of resources spent. Performing the different job segments can be assigned to different units and individuals that can work concurrently to reduce overall time.

Task Allocation

The best way of task optimization is when each particular task segment is processed by an appropriate performer and all task segments are at work concurrently. Software for t ask automation helps in making task segmentation – in dividing bigger projects into smaller tasks together with assigning these tasks to different workers and keeping records on these assignments in sharable software database. Particular kind of task processing is task rotation (doing recurring tasks), and this refers to tasks that should be repeated daily, weekly etc. The main feature of task rotation in software is that such a task should be automatically created for new time period (with updating its time settings) as soon as this task is completed for previous period. Proper template s can be designed with a help of sjareware, like VIP Task Manager.

Proper example
VIP Task Manager is software that makes it easy to identify, segment, differentiate, optimize and automate reporting of tasks in a workgroup. This client-server software is a great instrument for communicating tasks to performers – you can deploy it over your LAN just in few minutes without applying any advanced IT skills. This is not task automation freeware , but proven commercial tool with 30 days trial period.


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