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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan
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Step 9. Task reporting software development company solution  

Step 9. Task reporting software development company solution


Task report is a short summary by which the manager of the software development company can analyze progress, check deadlines and measure performance. In VIP Task Manager you can create task reports in text and HTML format, and also visual reports.


Task status reports
Task status reports show the current progress of projects and give managers a clear understanding of which tasks are still being in progress and which are completed. For example, to plan final date of release, the project manager needs to check status of the process "Bug Fixing" in the project "Release 4.0". When all bugs have been fixed and the software has been tested, the project manager will appoint exact date of release. In VIP Task Manager the task status report can show start and finish dates of each task in the project "Release 4.0" and so the manager can check deadlines for bug fixing and then properly plan release date.

In VIP Task Manager the task status report can be created in the following formats:

  • Text/HTML format. Such reports are useful to review the whole project or process status. For example, the test manager can review testing process by creating weekly status report in HTML format. The report will include all deadlines and current progress for bug detection and testing. To build this report format, the manager needs to select all tasks in the task group "Big Fixing" and generate the report by using the option "Export Task to RTF/HTML view". The report generator allows to customize the report content by checking items "General", "Attachment", "Assignment", "History", "Custom fields", and other.
  • Visual report. The visual view report is an easy and convenient way to track task status by using charts. The test manager can use such reports to track the dynamics of testing process in graph view. The Line chart is best for this purpose. In VIP Task Manager there are also several another charts available, such as Column Chart, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, and Area Chart. To create the visual report, the manager needs to select the task group "Bug Fixing", go to Chart Panel and select the Line chart. The chart can be built by such values as "Completed", "Estimated Time", "Actual Time", and also custom fields.

Each of the reports can be printed out and also you can attach them to an e-mail letter and send to all project stakeholders if needed.

Task reminders
Procrastinations or just negligent attitude of the employee to the instructions given by the project manager are the negative aspects for any project. In workflow of the software development company delayed and procrastinated tasks may lead the product development to failure or, at least, postponed release date. If the manager does not get a task report timely, the project may be under risk. To prevent such unfavorable situation and avoid procrastinations, the project manager or the team leader can set up task reminders. For example, the senior developer needs to get daily task status report from the software developers to track their performance. He can create the task "Build and submit status report", set task due date for today and activate reminder for this task.

Then the senior developer will prevent overdue task status reports. To realize this opportunity in software developer company solution, VIP Task Manager allows to set up task reminders before task due date. The senior developer can use this option to set up reminder 30 minutes (or any else period) before due date of the task "Build and submit report", so the developers will be notified with pop-up message about necessity to build daily report. The task reminder may include a short text message or summary that the senior developer can add to instruct the developers about the report.

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