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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan
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Quality Assurance Department  

Quality Assurance Department

How to improve QA department productivity
in 3 minutes
Total Quality Management with VIP Task Manager Professional

Quality assurance is a part of quality management which represents a complex process focused on creation of the confidence that the corresponding requirement to quality is kept, and includes all the factors and the actions needed for achievement of the appropriate quality level of products and services. Many enterprises have Quality assurance departments (QAD) which provide, develop and maintain a system of quality assurance management. Such system covers not only processes of sampling, working with specifications and organizing researches, but also development of documentation and techniques which guarantee satisfactory quality of products and services.

The work of QAD is focused, first of all, on preventing the claims from customers. In case of receiving such claims on quality of provided products and services, the department starts searching the reasons and effects of the revealed discrepancies. Quality Assurance means the completion of a project in accordance with the previously agreed specifications and functionality required without defects and possible problems.

The general objective of quality assurance departmentis an enhancement of product and service quality and an increase of customer satisfaction. To achieve this objective, QAD should reach the following goals :

  • Continuous and consistent development, implementation and maintenance of quality assurance management system
  • Staff training and compliance with the requirements of the quality assurance management
  • Quality control over provided products and services in accordance with The Rules and Standards of the company
  • Developing and making arrangements for enhancing the quality of provided products and services
  • Organizing and conducting internal audit of the quality assurance management system
  • Organizing and controlling corrective and preventing actions of quality management
  • Control over equipment and production process
    Control over product output
    Investigation of customer claims

QAD is responsible for a set of procedures and processes which minimize unintentional errors and occurrence of defective goods. Because of the importance of quality assurance department, it takes the central role in structure of the enterprise. Besides such processes as production, storage, sales and other, the quality assurance department is also introduced in the field of document circulation and it regulates a number of daily processes and procedures. Each department of the enterprise has documentation for quality regulations and is acquainted with the corporate quality assurance policy. The employees from each department should perfectly understand how much it is important for the enterprise to provide high quality products and increase its competitiveness.

CentriQS provides a software solution for controlling and coordinating the system of quality assurance management at the enterprise. CentriQS allows to ensure that the enterprise delivers a high quality level of goods and services to customers. The software helps the management of QAD through the life cycle of achieving and maintaining quality control to organize the working process, define area of responsibilities per employee, set priorities and assign tasks to each employee. With CentriQS, the management of QAD gets a solution that gives the following benefits:

  • Create a centralized database for managing issues and workflow at QAD
  • Systematically track issues and monitor task performance
  • Add various documents to the database
  • Build reports on quality improvement
  • Schedule tasks for internal audit and compliance adherence

CentriQS simplifies the process of decision-making through clear vision of the workflow at the department. The more clearly the manager can control and analyze the workflow of the quality assurance department, the more proper and correct decisions he is able to make.


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