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What is a Management Dashboard?
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise’s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. What is a Management Dashboard?
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Money Management Action Plan

In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner.

Money Management Action Plan
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Step 7. Documenting translation agency tasks  

Step 7. Documenting translation agency tasks


Documenting of tasks is the way to make the workflow in the translation agency more convenient and efficient. The agency management can control all documents related to the translation tasks and employees can quickly get access to the articles, translations, orders, and other work documentation. VIP Task Manager allows to document tasks through attaching files to tasks and specifying tasks.

Task notes
Tasks of the translation agency solution may require additional description and explanation. In VIP Task Manager each task has attribute “Notes” with full-featured RTF editor (text can be bolded, colored, re-sized, listed and aligned). For example, when translating an article, the translator can encounter some incomprehensible or equivocal words and expressions. The translator can write out these words and expressions and, then, discuss them with the customer. The translator can use attribute Notes in the task “Translate article”. The task notes can be printed out and then the hard copy can be given to the customer. Or the translator can send the task with notes by email to the customer.

Files and Links
Effective employee collaboration within the translation agency requires sharing of documents (sharing articles, translations, documentation and job results).VIP Task Manager allows enclosing files directly to tasks and sharing them among concerned employees. For example, the copywriter can attach created articles in MS Word format to the task “Write new article” and the translator can attach job results in PDF format to the task “Translate article”. They document the tasks through attaching files and sharing them so the proofreader can check and revise their job results. InVIP Task Manager documents can be attached as files or links to files stored on local PC or network machine.
Task History
It would be great if a task could be logged with detailed history of all changes a resource has made. Then, the supervisor of the translation agency could track task history from its creation till completion and get exhaustive task report. The supervisor could be able to reveal procrastinated articles, translation issues and outstanding questions of the translation agency tasks. For example, to track all tasks concerned with activities of the translator, the supervisor can filter tasks by assignment “Translator”, then select the filtered tasks and choose “Export/Printing Option”. In the report option window the supervisor should check item “History” and build the report. If it needs to create a report just on a single task, the supervisor can use Task History Panel which has Print Preview option. In VIP Task Manager all tasks changes are recorded and cannot be erased.
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  2. Step 2. Organizing translation agency staff
  3. Step 3. Building translation agency workflow
  4. Step 4. Translation agency task customization
  5. Step 5. Task planning in the translation agency solution
  6. Step 6. Sharing translation agency tasks
  7. >> Step 7. Documenting translation agency tasks
  8. Step 8. Tracking translation agency tasks
  9. Step 9. Reporting tasks in translation agency solution
  10. Step 10. Managing KPI in translation agency solution

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